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BBR is a non profit organization that gravely needs your help

$7,166 raised of $15k goal
39 Weeks running

Scarlett and Diamond BOTH have cancer and need your help! Scarlett's tumor was removed and we are awaiting funds for radiation and Diamond has mammary cancer that needs removal.

$3,485 raised of $7k goal
87 Weeks running

Urgent funds are needed for multiple dogs in our rescue, and unforeseen medical issues.

$2,050 raised of $5k goal
66 Weeks running

We would like to introduce our newest rescue, her name is Hope... Christopher Reeve said, “Once you choose hope, anything's possible.” Today we chose Hope. And we believe anything is possible for her now. Hope comes to us from Wilton Animal ...

$665 raised of $2k goal
4 Years running

Bully breed rescue Inc is a non profit organization dedication to reaching and rehoming pit bulls.

$1,583 raised of $4k goal
99 Weeks running

Scarlett has been diagnosed with cancer and needs your help!

$690 raised of $5k goal
94 Weeks running

Bully Breed Rescue is a non-profit organization, dedicated to rescuing, rehabing, and rehoming dogs in the pit bull class, but do not discriminate against the breed of dog we save.

$340 raised of $7k goal
76 Weeks running

Your help is needed! We found Aurora in an industrial area here in CT, chained and living in the dirt. We may be a Pit Bull rescue, but when you love animals - you love them all and you don't walk past a dog living on a chain, in the dirt, in hot ...

$710 raised of $1.5k goal
4 Years running

Bully Breed Rescue is a non profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming homeless bullies. All donations are tax deductible.

$1,368 raised of $800 goal
100 Weeks running

8 month old puppy hit by a car needs funds immediately! To figure out what exactly is wrong with this boy he needs diagnostics and to spend spend at the emergency vet, PLEASE HELP!

$1,050 raised of $4.5k goal
101 Weeks running