Flag of Earth

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We are all Earthlings. Fly this 3x5 flag and show you know. This limited edition concept flag demonstrates your support for the Curiosity Movement.

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  • Estimated delivery Nov 2013
$15 USD
Autographed SETI Poster
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Estimated delivery Nov 2013
A copy of a SETI research poster, signed by a rock star scientist.
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$25 USD
Play with our scientists
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Estimated delivery Dec 2013
Grab a deck of these original artwork playing cards depicting SETI Institute scientists.
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$50 USD
Special Edition Galactic T-shirt
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Estimated delivery Sep 2013
Custom printed for the PayPal Galactic Event, this fine quality cotton t-shirt has the amazing Communicate logo. Wear it with pride and show you are out of this world.
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$75 USD
Flag of Earth
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Estimated delivery Nov 2013
We are all Earthlings. Fly this 3x5 flag and show you know. This limited edition concept flag demonstrates your support for the Curiosity Movement.
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$100 USD
First Contact Alert
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Be the first to know when we make contact! Claim this perk and we'll alert you by email and/or text message when we confirm and validate the signal.
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$500 USD
Voyager Message Plaque
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We have some cool stuff at SETI. Like copies of the greeting message sent along with Voyager. Autographed by Carl Sagan's collaborator in this project - Frank Drake. Get your own copy!
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$1,000 USD
SETI Senior Team Lunch
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Lunch with famed SETI team members Frank Drake and Jill Tarter. You’ll be amazed at the stories!
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$2,000 USD
Day of Science
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Have a virtual visit with the scientists at the SETI Institute. Sponsor a school or classroom for an interactive video session they will never forget. Better yet, if you are local, come for a visit!
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$4,000 USD
Guided tour of Allen Telescope Array
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Live the life of Jody Foster's character in Contact and spend a weekend (for two) at the Hat Creek Allen Telescope Array. You'll get a guided tour, a chance to hang out with the scientists and maybe the thrill of being there when contact is made.
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$25,000 USD
Own an original Allen Telescope Array feed
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Estimated delivery Jun 2014
The feed, a portion of the antenna which receives signals from the cosmos to search for life in the universe, can be yours, thanks to the Antonio Feed upgrade. This upgrade replaces the original feeds and more than doubles the ATA's sensitivity.
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