Action Card


This item has been discontinued by Shadowcasters Network.

Send some assistance to your favorite troubleshooter by buying them an action card to use!

We currently don't have any items available to claim.

$5 USD
Karma Point
Get a chance to win cool stuff! Each ticket purchased enters your name into a drawing. The more you get, the better your chances of winning!

You could win:
-- SR6 Beginner Box Set
-- Shadowrun PDFs
-- Earthdawn PDFs
-- And MUCH MORE!!

Check the "More Info" link for a list of all the things we have to give away!

Drawings will be held during our Stream-a-Thon from June 21st to 23rd.
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$10 USD + free shipping
Signed Character Sheets
Ships Worldwide
Get each of the Shadowcasters as a signed Shadowrun 6th Ed character!

Each of the Shadowcasters Network will create a Shadowrun 6th Ed character version of themselves, and then they'll sign the character sheet and we'll send it to you in the mail! These characters will be fully viable with Shadowrun 6th Edition!
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$20 USD
SRMO: Season Pass
Receive a Season Pass eligible to get you into 6 Shadowrun Missions: Online Games for FREE!

If you wanted to play 6 Shadowrun Missions games at Gen Con or Origins, you'd have to pay close to $50. However, by donating just $20 to the SCN, you'll get 6 tickets that you can use at your own convenience to play from the comfort of your own house!

The pass will come in the form of a coupon that you can use to get into ticketed events on the Shadowrun Missions: Online venue for FREE!
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$50 USD
Game With Shadowcasters
Play Games With the Shadowcasters

Hang out with the Shadowcasters for a night of online

Anyone donating at this level will be guaranteed a night of online gaming with the Shadowcasters Network. We'll get together with everyone who donates, pick a game that you'd love to play with us, set it up at a time convenient for you, and have a BLAST!
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$500 USD
Optiverse Character & Private Game w/ Opti
You and a group of your friends get a private game run by Opti!

Opti will GM a private game of Mutants & Masterminds set in the Optiverse for you and your friends. EVEN BETTER THAN THAT you'll get a free piece of character art done for your character in comic style! AND your character will subsequently appear as an NPC in an official Optiverse episode!

This package is obviously meant for our best and greatest and most generous fans! THANK YOU!
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