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A group of Shadowrun gamers who just love to game. We love Shadowrun, we love bringing this game to new people, and we love helping everyone have a better time playing. Whether that’s by creating easy to understand explanations of the rules, giving out tips and advice for players and GMs, or just simply sharing and telling amazing stories in the world of Shadowrun, we want to do it better and more often.

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The Shadowcasters Network is a group of passionate geeks who love gaming and sharing that passion with everyone on the internet. Whether it's Tabletop RPGs, boardgames, or video games, we spend most of our time trying to figure out how we can show off ...

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The Shadowcasters Network is holding their annual fundraiser! Help them keep producing the great gaming content that you love. This year one-third of every dollar you give will go to the charity!

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Shadowrun podcasters and content creators coming together to create a network of curated, quality content and new ways to play Shadowrun. Help us raise enough money to support this network for it's first year! We want to help you play!

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