Bumper sticker (2 + 2 = 8)

A Perk for contributing $10 or more
to The Heidelberg Project Evolves
by The Heidelberg Project

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Bumper sticker (2 + 2 = 8)
  • 12 claimed
Bumper sticker + Special edition note card set
  • 40 claimed
Bumper sticker (2+2=8) and a special edition Heidelberg Project note card set.
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Vintage Pak
  • 10 claimed
Come Unto Me: Faces of Tyree Guyton (1999) DVD signed by Tyree Guyton and a set of four (4" x 6") photographs from the Heidelberg Project archives.
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Guyton original + Vintage Pak
  • 12 claimed
An original Tyree Guyton dot (hand painted and signed) and the Vintage Pak.
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Tyree Guyton special edition print + Vintage Pak
  • 5 claimed
"A Sign of Perfection" by Tyree Guyton special edition print. Please note that this is a special edition print as it will not be numbered.
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Original “Study” by Tyree Guyton + Vintage Pak
  • 3 claimed
“Studies” is a very important process that Tyree employs before creating a final work of art. No two works are ever alike and in the end the final work may not resemble the study at all. Many professional collectors enjoy collecting an artist’s studies/proofs as it helps to tell a more complete story of the creative process. Each work is an original work of art by Tyree Guyton.
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The Heidelberg Project Evolves
by The Heidelberg Project
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The Heidelberg Project is a Detroit-based organization improving the lives of people & neighborhoods through art. Help us preserve one of only two houses left, the iconic Numbers House, so we can retain the history of Heidelberg for future generations.