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Our Fundrazr campaign is over, and we're still building the dream.  Please visit us at to keep up with progress. -- The Grange Farm School Team

We're building the Grange Farm School to help aspiring farmers learn the skills they need to pursue their dreams as small farmers and to provide healthy local food to their communities.  We can't think of a more important task right now than training the next generation of farmers.

“I am completely energized by the work I do here at the Grange FarmSchool. Waking up in the morning to a flock of chickens, herd of 
Angus, germinating fodder crops,and eager students making breakfastfrom the bounty of our land is entirely satisfying.”
~Ruth King, Assistant Director

You know the bad news:

America's farmers are aging, and their children are not replacing them on the farm. American commercial agriculture is good at producing huge quantities of mono-crops laden with GMOs and chemicals; but wholesome, healthy food is hard to come by. And conventional agriculture gulps fossil fuels and water and depletes the topsoil at alarming rates.

Here's the good news:

More and more young people want to farm. The dilemma is that opportunities for learning on the farm from seasoned farmers—who know how to grow healthy food from healthy soil—are disappearing.

We’re trying to fill that gap

With your help the Grange Farm School can provide the training so many aspiring farmers want.

We aim to educate the “whole farmer” in sustainable agriculture, offering hands-on training and classes in all the skills new farmers want and need, from tilling to transplanting, from weeding to welding, from mulching to marketing. We have everything in place except the last bit of funding. Your help is needed now.

What's a 'Grange'?

The Grange is the oldest farmers organization in the country, and in some parts of the country it is embracing a resurgence of efforts to support small-scale farming. Severine von Tscharner Fleming, one of the founders of the dynamic new young farmers organization, Greenhorns, calls the Grange “a really powerful rootstock that we can graft on to."

Who We Are

We are part of that group of Grangers across the country who have found new meaning in the call of the land to grow quality food. We are teachers.

A year ago the California State Grange pledged start-up funds for this project to teach aspiring farmers how to grow sustainably, holistically, and efficiently. With that initial support we have made significant progress. We have twelve acres on Ridgewood Ranch, a beautiful, 5,500 acre historic ranch in Mendocino County, northern California.

We have staff, curriculum, students, and expert teachers in place

Now we need the final influx of capital to bring the project to a point where it can be self-sustaining. People like you—who know the crucial importance of localized, organic food production—will be key to our success.

Every donation we receive adds another boost of vigor and life to our project.

“The feeling of awe we get watching corn leap out of the ground or chickens put on feathers and weight is similar to the excitement 
and gratitude we feel watching the Grange Farm School grow up from the ground.” ~Antonia Partridge, Farm Director

After you’ve watched our little video shot on the Farm, please check out our website: More great pictures!

In a few months, the farm will have 5 acres in row crops, a two acre orchard of old and new trees, and small livestock production.

Hands-on, traditional apprenticeship teaching

Students will be housed in platform tents surrounding our outdoor kitchen and dining area. Our video will show you the incredible view. And the renovated farm house next door will serve as classroom, library, office, and headquarters for the farm.

This first year we are accepting “practicum students,” interns who receive a few weeks to a few months training in farming skills in exchange for work on building the school infrastructure. Next year, with your help, we will launch a short version of our regular program for aspiring farmers. Ten students will live and work on the farm, gaining experience with organic crop and livestock production on the farm and through field trips to successful farms in the area. And in 2016 ten students – aspiring farmers – will spend a full nine months living, working and learning with us, plenty of time to participate in planning, planting and marketing their crop.

Among the most pressing items that funds will go to are:

  • Wall tents for student housing $20,000
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining area $15,000
  • Classroom/tool shed/packing shed $20,000
  • Deer fencing for 5 acre field, $5,000
  • Tools, books and manuals for students $5,000
  • Irrigation systems for field and orchard $6,000
  • Propagation house and shade structure $15,000
  • Used pickup truck to get our produce to market $5,000
  • Housing and feeding practicum students and AmeriCorps volunteers: $2,400
  • Equipping our office and library: $3,000

Our program is in its first year, and we're focused on infrastructure development for the farm. We are designing and building the facilities to teach, host students and workshops, and grow a diverse farm featuring fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, poultry and other livestock.

With your help we're shaping the future of food. And take a look at the many ways we have of saying "Thank you!"


Thank you!


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$5 USD
Bumper sticker
  • 20 claimed
Our heartfelt thanks and our gorgeous logo on a sticker for your pumper or window.
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$25 USD
Coffee mug, Tote Bag, or T-shirt
  • 30 claimed
A coffee mug, farmer's market tote bag, or organic cotton T-shirt with the handsome Grange Family School logo
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$50 USD
  • 3 claimed
Our original calendar with photos from Ridgewood Ranch for each month of the year.
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$75 USD
Basket of Canned Goods and Seeds
  • 11 claimed
You will receive a sampling of our harvest in the form of canned goods and seeds. Recipes and directions included so that you can reproduce the delicious foods!
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$85 USD
Historic Ridgewood Ranch prints
  • 3 claimed
Stunning prints of the Ridgewood Ranch where Seabiscuit was born and raised. Local photographer captures the essence of this beautiful place and you can choose from twelve shots.
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$100 USD
Attendance to Weekend Workshop at GFS
  • 5 claimed
Choose from one of four weekend workshops hosted at the GFS. Experts and guest lecturers will share valuable knowledge over the course of a weekend. In addition, you will get a tote, tshirt or mug with the GFS logo.
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$150 USD
Catered lunch and tour
  • 6 claimed
Tour and catered lunch (farm fresh produce and local meats and cheeses) for two in the Redwood Grove at Ridgewood Ranch.
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$200 USD
Farmstead Consultation via Skype
  • 0 claimed
Consult with our instructors about your questions and dreams for your own farm or garden. We will answer questions or just chat about your plans via skype or phone. In addition, choose from a t-shirt, tote, or mug!
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$300 USD
Overnight stay
  • 5 claimed
Overnight stay for two in our historic farmhouse, with a farm-fresh breakfast and tour of the ranch.
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$700 USD
75 sq. ft. of Produce to Charitable Cause
  • 1 claimed
We will dedicate 75 square feet of crop production to a charity of your choice. Food banks, soup kitchens, retirement homes, hospitals, and schools are all in need of quality, fresh food and we will custom grow it for whoever you choose.
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$1,000 USD
CSA Share
  • 0 claimed
20 week CSA share packed with fresh vegetables and fruit from the farm. Locals can pick up here or in Willits, long distancers can choose to donate their share to a family in need.
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$2,000 USD
Name student housing
  • 0 claimed
Your name on one of our comfortable student wall tents, plus our calendar, a t-shirt, and a mug.
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$4,000 USD
Dinner on the Farm for Five
  • 0 claimed
Come join the Grange Farm School family for a night on the farm. We will start the evening with a farm tour and congregate for dinner at the farmhouse. Dinner will be prepared by local chefs and include grass-fed beef, pastured-pork and/or chicken, and fresh organic produce from the farm.
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$5,000 USD
Your Urban Farmstead
  • 0 claimed
We will build you a beautiful strong and sturdy 4x8 raised garden bed and a complete compost system with one yard of finished compost as well as veggie starts and all the other goodies.
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$10,000 USD
Name a farm building
  • 0 claimed
Your name featured on our Founders' Wall and tractor shed or hoop house, with one of the previous four premiums (your choice). Limit 2.
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