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St Bernard's Animal Sanctuary is home to unwanted, abandoned and injured pets, horses, ponies, small animals and wildlife. With winter just around the corner, we need field shelters for our long term residents.

We’ve been helping pets through our Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire since 1985. We do what’s needed to give every pet a chance at a healthy, happy life.  We have taken in some new horses this year and now have over 30 in the Sanctuary. We need your help with their care. They have all been rescued and have a home for life with us.  They range in size from sundance, who is 26inches to Barcelona, who is over 17hands.  

Winter is upon us and the cold and rain is setting in. You've probably already turned the central heating on but for the animals at the sanctuary it is cold out there.

Animals at Pet Samaritans Shelter Appeal

Unfortunately we aren't able to provide central heating for them but there is something we can do to keep them warm this winter.

We need field shelters for the horses and ponies who stay out and can't come in due to health problems.  They are split into groups of friends and each has a large field or several fields opened up into one.  We like them to have plenty of space to roam and to have a natural life but for them to stay out, we need outdoor stables for them to shelter from the cold and rain.

The horses are all good natured with each other and each of these mini-herds would share a shelter.  There are the 'big' horses - ranging from 15hands to 17hands.   Then the tiny ponies who are split into two herds.  There are 'in-betweeners' who are around 15 hands high. Outdoor shelters would mean a world of difference to them.

Arthur has breathing difficulties and the vet said he needs to stay out to get fresh air.   He's an old pony and one that we have recently rescued. If he's kept indoors he starts wheezing.  He's doing well but won't stand a winter outside without a shelter.  He needs to be cosy and warm and still be able to breathe easily.

Magic is 13hands and does not like to be brought in to the stable.  He wants freedom above all else and paces when brought in.  He's a fine coated pony though and feels the rain and cold weather even when rugged up.

Rhogan is our old timer and has bad arthiritis, he's fine in the summer months but needs to be kept warm in winter.  He still needs exercise though.  If he was stabled he would stiffen up and walking around keeps his joints supple. He gets very restless in a stable and bangs at the door to go back out.

We need field shelters to accommodate all the ponies and horses. They would have plenty of hay inside, a deep bed of straw and and the ponies could take shelter whenever they liked and still breathe fresh air and keep fit and active.

We’d like you to say hello to some of our little ponies at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire. We’ve been rescuing little and big horses for a long time, when they’ve gone lame, been neglected or cruelly treated.

Chloe had a dreadful start in life and was tied up without food or water when we first saw her. She was emaciated and had no milk to feed the little foal at her side. It was a long time before she was back to full health and her foal took even longer to recover. Both of them made it though and Chloe soon transformed herself into herd leader. Perhaps her desire to survive made her more determined. Chloe is approximately 34 inches tall. She is dark bay and 18 years old.

Bibby is a very beautiful piebald mini pony – that means that her colouring is brown and white. Bibby was in foal when she came to us but sadly it all went wrong and her foal wasn’t born alive. Bibby was devastated and it took a long while for her to get over the loss.

Some of our ponies and horses have breathing problems and cannot be stabled for long periods. Under vet recommendation, it is best for them to be out in the fields as hay and bedding can worsen their conditions. The ponies are quite sociable and often snuggle up with the sheep and goats at the sanctuary.

Permanent field shelters would tranform their lives this winter and make looking after them so much easier. The cost to provide and erect  field shelters from a local company is £2000. It's a lot of money but we hope that you will be able to help and make a donation towards the FIELD SHELTER Appeal and keep them warm this winter. Let’s make it happen for them!

On behalf of the mini ponies, horses, goats and sheep, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helps us help them.

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