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So I've decided to participate in this years aprons for gloves for a couple of reasons. First of all, many of you probably don't know this, but I spent the better part of my high school spare time volunteering with inner city after school programs, working at kids camps and investing my energy in countless children out there whose families weren't around much. I then continued in my 20's to become a youth group leader, and then a young adults leader. Since moving to Vancouver in 2005 I have participated with numerous mentorship programs through the YWCA and differnet schools in and around Vancouver. I have a huge heart for the younger generations, especially those who might not have the family support that some of us did growing up. Aprons for gloves is an excellent program that allows kids a place to go, to feel like they are part of a family, and also learn some basic life skills like teamwork and self control. The bad news is, their gym just recently burned down!

Secondly, I am turing 35 this year. It's true... *dies*.. AND it just so happens that FIGHT NIGHT IS ON MY BIRTHDAY!! To celebrate this milestone of ..ahem... adulthood... I thought it would be a fantastic goal to be in the ring BOXING someone and more so, WINNING! (although I may get my ass kicked, but that would make some of you happy anyways eh?) ;)

anywhooo - 

Afew things need to happen in order to make this goal a reality,

1) I need your money. A minimum of $2000 is needed as donations (don't worry it's not a Kim's birthday fund so I can drink my weight in Jamesons). The $2000 goes directly to the gym for the kids, as the whole point of this rumble is to replace the gym that burned down recently.

2) I will be training like a mad person to try and gain the respect of the previous contenders so they PICK ME! PICK ME! to participate on fight night.  I hope that if I raise the money, work really hard and intimidate other fighters, they will select me. 

disclaimer - your money is going to a good cause regardless. 

1 - you are helping kids who need it

2 - you may see me kick someones ass

3 - you may see me get my ass kicked

You want to give me a birthday present? CLICK DONATE.

Below is a brief write up about the program, read it.


Founded in 2012, Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association is a non-profit organization focused on providing community outreach through the sport of boxing. Based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the organization was developed by a small group of professionals and entrepreneurs who seized an opportunity to re-establish a historic boxing program for at-risk women and youth. The program offers free mentorship and training to individuals who may otherwise not have the resources or support to participate in such activities. The sport of boxing teaches discipline, respect, hard work and self-control. Training results in positive self-esteem, good health and camaraderie for its practitioners.


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