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​Only Moving Up Saskatoon was created to operate a local business that is exclusively designed as an employment initiative to provide work for those that struggle to find employment due to various barriers such as no permanent address, limited education and job training.

We currently have 4 individuals that reside at the Salvation Army and are assisting them with transitioning them into permanent housing by ensuring they have full-time employment and current references, as well, assisting with other barriers.  We have been tackling one by one. We also provide part-time employment to 2 individuals who are going through various programs such as their Parent Programming and are working on getting their children back and out of the Foster System. We are very proud of them.

And they have been doing an AMAZING JOB. We are so proud of all the hard work that they do!  One of our most recent customers POSTED  THIS ON APRIL 28th 2018 - 

I will start out by saying we had THE BEST experience with Only Moving Up. Due to unforeseen circumstances (through no fault of the company), they were unable to do our 9 a.m. move on Saturday as scheduled. Instead, Darcy arranged for Jamie and Connor to help us out. They showed up AFTER their, “last move of the day,” on Friday! These guys gave up not only their Friday night, but it was also Connor’s birthday. Darcy and Jamie kept in contact the entire time to let us know when they would be arriving and gave an accurate price estimate upon arrival. Despite their ridiculously long day, these guys were super friendly and super efficient. The entire move was done in no time at all. Hopefully we won’t be moving again for a loooong time, but if we do, we will absolutely be calling Only Moving Up. In the mean time, we will definitely be recommending them to everyone! The price was absolutely reasonable. The service we received from everyone we encountered was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about the company!

C RATHGEBER - Saskatoon


There are many in our community that need assistance in ways we just don't think of day to day.  Only Moving Up Saskatoon as been doing just that behind the scenes. There is a problem in Saskatoon that many are just not aware and few discuss. When Only Moving Up Saskatoon started 2 years ago we made it our mandate to not only help those who need employment opportunities, but we also knew first had that there were 2 groups of community members that often needed services that we were offering, and many times were put into difficult situations because they simply could not afford the costs. 

Senior Citizens and Domestic Violence Victims. 

So we took things into our own hands and have been providing significantly discounted or sometimes free Moving Services to those who need help the most. We have dealt with heart wrenching situations and will use this as one example. 

A few months ago we were contacted by a family member of a Senior Gentleman who was diagnosed with Dementia. He had been living on his own and would not let family into his home. His physicians who not give the family power of attorney so they went through the battle of trying to get him assistance. 

After finally getting the fire dept and police to do a safe wellness check, what they found was the horrible conditions he had been living in.  No heat or power in severe hoarding conditions. The city immediately condemned his home and they were given a notice to demolish the home. They were required to have the home cleaned out for demolition. The amount of garbage to be removed, plus the disposal fee was far past their budget, but without doing it he would face fines by the city. 

That is when they called us.  The estimated cost for garbage removal and disposal fee's was estimated at $2000.00 if we had charged them what a regular company would have charged in those conditions. 

We provided the service at the cost of the crew and travel and accumulated the remaining costs and additional fee's. His clean out came at a cost to us of $632.54.

Without our support.....they would not have been able to complete the clean up and would have faced more costs and fines they could not afford. 


 Only Moving Up Saskatoon is very unique. We have designed a program that can self sustain by providing services to the general public while providing employment opportunities and assistance to those in need.  We do  not receive government grants and has not up to this point done any fundraising. We work very hard to ensure we can sustain the operating costs on our own. 

While we have managed to do that successfully over the past 2 years, we have seen a significant increase in Seniors, Domestic Violence Victims and SAID Program Clients calling and needing our help.

For us to continue to provide FREE or DISCOUNTED services we need your help.  All the work that we do still has the costs such payroll, fuel and equipment and with the increase in requests, it also fills spots available for our regular customers, which does in effect reduce our generated revenue that we need to ensure we can sustain operations.  We have calculated what our loss of revenue for added free services and what our accumulated costs from May to Sept will be. 

Without us ensuring we have the resources we need to continue, we would be forced to turn away those in need!


*** We would like to send a very warm heartfelt thank you to ALLAN MARKIN - Co-Owner of the Calgary Flames - who contributed to the program when we presented it to him in regards to the expansion of our employment and housing program. 


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