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We are a very unique and locally owned company providing moving and packing services. We operate as a non profit organization with many years of experience in the moving business providing local and long distance moves throughout the province. We also provide Garbage Haul, Snow Removal (winter months) and Yard Maintenance ( spring, summer and fall months). Our company was founded with great experience, learning and knowledge so that today we can offer unmatched services with low prices and a quality highly differentiated. For this to happen, dedication, perseverance and hard work is needed. What makes us different is we are not built with the idea to make money, but built with compassion and community building as the end result. Our employees themselves are unique. We are designed to only employ individuals that are struggling to find employment due to limited job training and education but who are reliable and that understand that with customer satisfaction it will help them rebuild there lives. Our employees are not only given the chance to get into the work force but they are highly compensated and given assistance in what ever area's they need to get their lives back on track. ​ By using our services you are actually giving back to the community and helping impact the lives of individuals that might not been given a chance.

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Only Moving Up Saskatoon was created to operate a local business that is designed as an employment initiative to provide work for those that struggle to find work due to various barriers such as no permanent address, limited education or job training.

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