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Every 5 seconds someone's eyes go blind

75% of all blindness can be avoided! People who go blind cannot go to school, cannot find work, and the vicious circle continues. Allowing one person to see again takes 20 minutes and costs only $50.- Diabetes is often the cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, and many other diseases, which can be avoided. Today, 425 million people suffer from diabetes - numbers are rising.

Every 60 seconds one child's life is lost

Cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death in third-world and developing countries, and this is true for children, adolescents as well as adults. In some countries, untreated heart diseases and congenital heart defects in children below the age of 5 cause more deaths than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

How will your donation make a difference?

Based on the amount we raise, we cover the cost to fly two different medical teams of up to 15 professionals including 15 volunteers, about 10 tons of required medical equipment, medicine and additionally 5 tons of humanitarian aid to a developing country.

This is a unique mission - a light house project - and therefore the whole mission will be documented by a film team and journalists. Everything we do will be published in various media (News TV, Newspaper, Online Media, Social Media, etc). 

  • 200-300 lives benefit directly, and together with their families, we are talking about 1,000 human beings
  • As more financial aid we rise, as more lives can be saved and improved

Crews, medical professionals, volunteers - all will work pro-bono for this mission! 

What happens if... we do not reach our target?  We work with the amounts donated and do our best to save and improve as many lives as possible.  THANK YOU for making a significant difference in the lives of others!


Today's Issues & Our Mission

25% of the material that is transported by ships, trains and trucks is damaged, stolen, lost or simply never arrives for unknown reasons! In order to save lives, it is important to get all the equipment fully operative where needed. Unfortunately, safe, fast and efficient air transportation is often not affordable for humanitarian associations and organizations. Another issue is that every organization, association and government works independently. We intend to improve today's situation, by combining the network and synergies from governments and various organization around the world, which allows us to deliver aid material more coordinated and faster - without being a competitor.

First In The Air - First On The Ground - Because Every Life Matters

We are building the world’s first  Humanitarian Aid Airline. As a "charity for charities", we help those who are already helping, after natural catastrophes as well as during medical missions or sustainable development aid.  Our vision is to save more lives faster, when every second counts! The Moonlight Air Organization not only transports relief supplies overnight, we also bring perspectives, hope and a future. We do this by delivering aid material in larger quantities, faster and more regularly - and free of charges for charitable organizations. Therefore, resources can be re-invested into more aid material and/or in local projects. This allows us to stimulate the local industry, create win-win and B2B / B2C situations, train and further educate locals through our partners. TOGETHER we  multiply the effect of aid where necessary and where it must arrive -  in the centre.

  • delivery of 100 tons of coordinated emergency aid within 24 hours after natural catastrophes
  • transport of a mobile hospital for independent surgeries, medical missions, medicine in large quantities, etc.
  • sustainable development aid

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