Udruga za zaštitu mačaka "Sklonište dobrote"

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Our NGO cat rescue group “Sklonište dobrote” was founded in 2013., with a goal of humane reduction of abandoned, abused and neglected cats and also to raise awareness of the public and improve the human-cat relations.

We are a group of young and ambitions volunteers who spend their free time caring and helping abandoned cats. All our work is volunteer based and none of us receives any compensation for it. Our NGO is funded exclusively from donations of people who care about animals.  

We are oriented on providing shelter, care, veterinary care, socialization and re-homing.

We do this "work" from our hearts-moved by astonishingly large numbers of abandoned and sick cats that are all alone in the streets. Our vision is to raise public awareness so we could all together work on decreasing the numbers of abandoned cats and increasing the numbers of saved and re-homed ones, and with that, improve cohabitation of humans and cats.

There is still no registered cat shelter in Croatia and that is also one of our future goals. Until that, all cats under our care reside in our foster families.

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Our foster girl Medina, who is only 4.5 months old and has a history of a severe back leg injury as a baby with a pending amputation surgery, started treatment for suspected neurological form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis. As Medina quickly started ...

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Little Prince is asking for some help gathering funds to pay for his vet bills.

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We are a cat rescue NGO, who, among aprox.100 cats in our foster families, have 9 FIV+ and FeLV+ cats that live in 3 foster families. We don't believe in euthanizing animals just because of a test result! Help us help them live their lives safe and happy!

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