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Panini was brought into Atlantic Coast tonight 5/5/20 in active labor. This young pocket pitty became pregnant by a roaming large dog and her offspring prove too big for her to pass naturally. Panini was able to give birth to 4 healthy puppies but ...

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Daisy is a beautiful dog rescued from the Brooklyn ACC’s “at risk” list by Strong Island Animal Rescue League. Daisy is 7 years old and has breast cancer. She needs a full radial mastectomy on December 23rd. She is also having a mass in her mouth ...

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4 years ago our vice president Erica purchased her home in Eastern Long Island. On her property stood a separate up-to-code two room cottage. Visions of TNR recovery space danced in her head as she signed contract and made her purchase official. ...

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Maui is a 10 week old kitten. She came to us March 14th as a tiny preemie who was abandoned by her mother. Ever since Maui has been in foster and has been beating the odds and surviving all of the obstacles in her way. However Maui is now facing a big ...

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Our rescue desperately needs a storage shed for our crates and traps!

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Yesterday Axel was hit by a car on Rt. 112 in Medford. He was minutes away from being put to sleep when Strong Island offered to cover his surgery and find him a new home. His jaw and leg are badly broken.

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Finished April 2, 2019

Fannie is in need of an emergency pyometra surgery. She was taken in as a hospice dog and because of her age we opted not to spay her. Sadly she now has a pyometra and needs her uterus removed immediately.

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Our organization is attempting to raise funds to spay and neuter the 30-35 cats left at a hoarding home on Long Island. We have by this Sunday to raise the emergency funds. If these cats aren’t fixed, they will continue to reproduce.

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We are an animal rescue group bettering the lives of Long Island’s animals.

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