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The Rocky View Taxpayers Association (RVTPA) exists for the advancement of good governance in Rocky View County.

  • The RVTPA is an advocacy group for balanced and broad representative governance in Rocky View County.
  • The RVTPA is a fund raising group to advance the objects of the RVTPA.
  • Good governance encompasses an effective, balanced approach taking all stakeholders into consideration.

More Specifically:

  1. To advocate for accountable and transparent County government.
  2. To encourage Council to work in a collaborative and co-operative manner that reflects and respects all voices, positions and opinions within the County and in the Council Chambers.
  3. To support Council candidates who reflect the objectives of the RVTPA and focus their attention, and legislative efforts, in an open manner on the well-being of the entire County community, be they commercial, farm, acreage or residential.
  4. To ensure that all Councillors are treated fairly, equitably, are granted a voice without censure and that Council, and Council leadership, do not abuse their authority by criticism through inquiry.
  5. To foster a climate of no taxation without effective representation, particularly at Council, and to fund, if necessary, immediate, timely and comprehensive due process in the face of challenges to advancement of ideas and proposals, and attempts to stifle debate and discussion.
  6. To develop a Code of Conduct for the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), and present to Council for adoption.
  7. To encourage the development and implementation of an accountability model for the (CAO) that supports balanced, collaborative initiatives and the fulfillment of Council’s Strategic Plans, goals and objectives. This model would be supported by reinforcing and as well as negative economic incentives.
  8. Develop a proposal and bring to Council a motion to limit Reeve, and Deputy-Reeve terms to a maximum of three one year terms followed by a two year period off, to foster renewal, regeneration and progression of leadership ideas over time, in line with the ever changing environment where Rocky View operates.
  9. Develop the necessary Membership, resourcing, financial support, and communications and advocacy infrastructure to further the objects of the RVTPA.
  10. To develop specific funding mechanisms and procedures to allow the development and delivery of these objectives.

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ROCKY VIEW COUNCILLORS CHALLENGE SANCTIONS IN COURT Hanson, Kissel & Wright are sanctioned for bringing transparency and accountability to questionable Council processes. Three divisions now face taxation without representation. Help Stop Our Sanctions!

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