This Fundraiser is to help raise money for The Origin Hip Hop Performing Arts Academy Hip Hop International and World Of Dance Competitions

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A 20 episode sitcom series being made into multiple 3D products, including the animated series, comic (graphic sitcom), card game, and video game.

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I am a stand-up comic from New York. I produce and host a free comedy show every first Saturday of the month title "Foreign Exchange" at Karma Lounge located at 1st ave, E. 3rd street of Manhattan, New York City. My trip to Tel-Aviv inspired this show

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We are pleased to introduce, an online social community dedicated to auto enthusiasts, hobbyists and businesses nationwide!

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What began as a research effort to find out why millions of children, women, and men are dying unnecessarily of starvation in the developing world has now turned into an action plan. There is something I can do. I can help rice farmers in Zimbabwe.

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Donations of any amount to our organization are greatly appreciated and sued directly to fund trips and events that are not directly covered by player dues. With your help, we can provide our players with everything needed for a productive season. Thanks!

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"Welcome Home, Heroes!" Transitional Assistance Program, a one stop resource center for veterans.

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Very recently, the door has opened for me to obtain a Master of Arts in Education and Initial Licensure.

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The Divas Abroad volunteer program will help the women in Accra, Ghana who have came from unfortunate situations, but are working hard to help themselves & their family, through workshops, seminars & monetary donation.

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AAMC has been helping people learn about the medical uses of marijuana for 15 years now. This campaign will support.our Cannabis Therapeutics Certification program and will help patients find knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

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