This summer, I have an opportunity to go Uganda with a team of 10 amazing people from the Navigators Ministry at Central Methodist University for two weeks. We each need to raise $2100 for the trip so kindly prayerfully consider supporting us!

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Lucian is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. This is his 6th year of qualifying and competing in The Hampton Classic Horse Show. He relies completely on donations to be able to ride in the horse shows.

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Tens of thousands of Floridians, including thousands of survivors, have come out to walk with Lauren and show their support for her mission to end child sexual abuse and help survivors heal. Please make a contribution to continue helping kids!

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Empowerteen is a program for Teens/Tweens to give them tools they need for mental, emotional, physical and social health. They learn to manage stress, depression, anxiety, focus, how to increase confidence, body image, healthy relationships and community.

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We are the University of Northern Iowa Club Baseball team. The money we hope to raise will go towards our Spring Break trip to Florida. Our players front most of the costs for us to travel and play other teams, so any support helps immensely!

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We are 2nd Team Entertainment, a Woman/Minority Male owned entertainment company based in Portland, OR. This show is created, written & directed by an African American, the cast and crew is made up of mainly Multi-ethnic Men, and Women.

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Donations of any amount to our organization are greatly appreciated and sued directly to fund trips and events that are not directly covered by player dues. With your help, we can provide our players with everything needed for a productive season. Thanks!

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Hey 12Comics Heroic Followers! We at 12Comics are raising funds for missionaries in India called Heroes for India to help support community outreach programs and special projects!

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Upcoming cake art web community that includes shows, live classes, courses, recipes, games, and more.

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This Fundraiser is to help raise money for The Origin Hip Hop Performing Arts Academy Hip Hop International and World Of Dance Competitions

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