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We desperately need to raise funds to help for little Sparkey's care. He's had problems with his mouth, teeth and now nostrils, with both Diastema and Periodontal Disease - and will need ongoing veterinary care, medication and possibly surgery.

£1,583 raised of £3k goal
40 Weeks running

Vandals have broken in to the Sanctuary stealing over £1000 in cash and creating significant damage to the charity’s offices and equipment, which will require thousands of pounds to repair and rebuild.

£2,530 raised of £2.5k goal
53 Weeks running

We rescued Blax and Lady from Kent on 16 March. They had been left in a field for 14 weeks despite the relevant authorities being aware of them and a vet seeing them. Sadly there is so much wrong with them it may be too late but they deserve a chance.

£238 raised of £5k goal
86 Weeks running

8 year old Sparkey has recently developed crippling pain in his leg and needs a tenotomy.

£1,459 raised of £2.5k goal
Finished October 27, 2015

This filly was dumped Saturday and came into the Sanctuary on Wednesday. The camera does not show that she is a bag of bones under that stringy coat. She is coughing a lot and scouring, full of worms and lice. She is very poorly!

£417 raised of £3k goal
Finished April 7, 2015

Our new appeal is to help Milo - a tiny little grey falabella pony , who only just comes up to Sue's knee. When he arrived he was so weak that our vet said ‘I don’t know how he has the strength to hold himself up’.  Milo is emaciated. His teeth ...

£3,757 raised of £5k goal
Finished March 5, 2015

October last year Pippa was awaiting cataract surgery after losing sight in both her eyes.  She successfully underwent surgery on one eye and, after a few months, was able to go back into the paddocks.  She loved her new life and found a ...

£840 raised of £2.5k goal
Finished December 2, 2014