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Our sweet boy, Fry, came to us from Manhattan ACC. It was believed he either had a birth defect or trauma, causing him to walk and stand hunched over. We pulled him and immediately took him to our vet and then to a specialist, where we got great ...

$1,892 raised of $7k goal
4 Years running

Well, rescue is full of surprises. Yesterday we went to animal control, and (as usual) committed to several animals. A pregnant kitty, a senior kitty, an orphaned kitten, a young cat, and what we thought was a young adult poodle mix. All but the ...

$1,190 raised of $3k goal
4 Years running

It's been a very scary day for PPR. Eli, our young Bull Terrier, got sick over the weekend and has gone downhill fast, leading to his hospitalization today. Upon admitting Eli to the hospital, we immediately did full in-house blood testing ...

$1,146 raised of $3k goal
4 Years running

This is baby Henry. Henry needs our help. We think he was hit by a car, but we don't know. What we DO know is that he has a broken femur and a broken pelvis, and we need YOUR help to get him well! Henry is about 4-5 months old, and despite ...

$1,100 raised of $3k goal
4 Years running

Gizmo's story has been a sad one, riddled with pain and neglect. Approximately two weeks ago, little 5 lb Gizmo found himself at our local shelter. He had a cast on his leg, but no one knew what his injury was. While at the shelter, Gizmo received ...

$1,855 raised of $3.5k goal
4 Years running

Meet Louie, Boo, Monroe, Bette, Audrey and Brando. These six kittens have been in foster care with us for over two months. Why is it taking so long for them to find homes? All six are fighting ringworm, a highly contagious fungal infection. They ...

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4 Years running

Lucy and Linus were left in a dumpster. Thrown out like trash and left for dead. Thankfully, they were taken in by a loving veterinarian who diagnosed them with demodex mange and malnutrition. At just about 12 weeks old, these little babies have ...

$220 raised of $1.5k goal
5 Years running

Well, friends. One step forward, two steps back. Our vet bill is currently at $6,700 dollars. A heartworm positive dog, a dog with mange and skin and ear infections, a wound repair for a puppy, six kittens with ringworm, two with upper respiratory ...

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5 Years running

On Saturday, Project Precious pulled a young poodle mix (we think maybe "labradoodle" or "schnoodle" type) from a busy municipal shelter in CT. He was so badly matted that we could not tell his breed when we pulled him. We spent a total of four hours ...

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We have just left our vet, and despite making payments to the best of our abilities, our bill is still over $7,000. PPR doesn't take the 'easy' ones a lot of the time. We take a lot of dogs and cats that other rescues wouldn't even take a second ...

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