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Please support NEHS so we can get Ashlyn her much needed surgery. The tumor is growing - and fast!

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NE Humane Society desperately needs your help! Our facility is in such disrepair we currently cannot house animals. Each day that passes, more innocent lives are lost...please consider a small donation so we can open our doors and get back to saving lives

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At NEHS, we know this is a very hard time for so many people. There is so much stress and uncertainty. With that said, we would only ask for your help if we truly had no choice. One thing we can say with certainty, animal welfare does NOT stop for a ...

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NEHS is very excited to be opening a facility in Cumberland, RI! We have a target date of March 2020 for our grand opening. That said, we have A LOT of work to do - starting with the kennels. There was no way we could house our dogs in the current ...

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Snow is very sick - help us get her into her forever home here in New England...

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Sweet Brody was saved from death row at the 11th hour only to find out he is sick with heartworms. He is currently in a facility and needs to receive treatment so he can come to New England. Sadly, even with treatment, he journey will be delayed. That ...

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This is a post I had hoped we would never have to write. We all knew when Ash came to us, she was in very bad condition. Her skin had been severely burned and she had been diagnosed with cancer. We had her flown to Rhode Island as a hospice case. If ...

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Meet the Super Bowl puppies!! All TEN of them!! That's right, this amazing momma had 10 beautiful, healthy pups. That said, this will be her last litter! She is also headed to the vets! It is time to get these babies vetted and off to their forever ...

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While it is such a beautiful and grateful time of year, it is also the time of year where we play catch up! an be set up for a successful 2019. We have too many lives to save!

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Help Support the New England Humane Society! We are a month away from the Dog Walk & Fall Fair and we need your support for this to be a success! Can you make a donation in your pups honor to support this important fundraiser?

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