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2020 has started and under our roof live 143 animals. unfortunately the running costs of all these souls exceed our possibilities so for january we urgently need to fundraise 2000 euro for running costs!.we need just 100 friends to help us with 20 ...

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22 Days left
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This fundraiser comes to help all animals that will spend Christmas in our clinic, in our refuge, in our rescue center. They will not get human love as they would at home, they would not get the attention they would if they would have an owner, but

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Dear friends..Unfortunately winter already hit and the winds and cold are truly harsh. All my team has been hit by a terrible cold, and we try allow e can to keep the animals comfortable. We have so many vulnerable animals that we urgently need to ...

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Sache Vet needs your help ! For a few months now i ve been making these appeals regarding our clinic. Unfortunately all led to this point now when our clinic can no longer provide to dogs and cats the help we used to provide. In Romania to keep a ...

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114 Days running
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With a full shelter and a full clinic to operate, the animal needs are more and more diverse: the cats need sand, vaccines, dewormings, the dogs as well, surgeries, interventions. With over 300 animals we treat, spay every month, we need your help sow ...

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66 Days running
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Here at Sache Foundation &sache Vet Clinic we respond daily to emergency appeals ! Our funds are limited and we cannot offer everything we want to all these cases. We need help so we can continue to offer support! We cannot alone save all the animals ...

€150 raised of €480 goal
105 Days running
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In our clinic we try to offer help to all those who need it most. Some of these cases, depending on season- especially spring, summer and now, autumn, are the parvo cases. we ve had 9 cases in one week. The effort we put into saving every parvo animal ...

€80 raised of €750 goal
95 Days running
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Dearest friends ! We need help! I m sorry again. But with a full clinic and shelter, with 100% more spays than we have funds for, with 23 puppies in , with 6 people to pay.. we have no more funds:( we must face it. Donations have dropped and our ...

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Dearest everyone, dearest friends, supporters, animal lovers ! We embark ourselves in a new adventure. A big big one. Sache Foundation is born, we now exist also as an NGO, and a veterinary clinic, a private company. However we do not have yet a house ...

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Do you remember the story of Baba? She came to us in a horrible state, with maggots coming out through all her insides. we didn t give he roe hour to live. she had a stroke, a vascular cerebral accident, so she was in shock for many days..she was ...

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37 Weeks running
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