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RELEASE Taiz Zoo, Yemen's LION PRIDES from their tiny concrete dungeons! Let's build 3 humane, outdoor enclosures for them on-site to end their abject suffering! Let's repair the fencing of the Ibb Zoo Lions' open ranges to welcome Taiz Zoo Lions too...!

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Please help us keep these 287 World Heritage animals alive through war-torn Yemen's blockade until Peace is brokered and our partner welfare teams can access this site.Trapped at defunct Taiz Zoo, they need adequate food and new, humane enclosures!

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One World Actors Prods. -Animal Rescues Non-Profit: ARABIAN POLICE HORSES RESCUE MISSION Sana'a, Yemen WORLD LAUNCH : 28th November 2016 - current and Rosabh Farm HORSE and FRENCH DAIRY COW RESCUE, Dhamar, Yemen December 2017 - current

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Please heal sad Striped Hyena's zoochosis and broken heart by offering her a humane, outdoor enclosure. Free her from her bare concrete dungeon and cruel confinement at run-down Taiz Zoo in warring Yemen and give her a new lease of life at last!

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