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Joseph Welch is a criminal defense lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri.  His law practice involves the representation of activists, protesters, and criminal cases that have a political angle. His clients have been involved in the

  • Ferguson uprising

  • Occupy St. Louis

  • Occupy the Midwest

  • Peabody Coal protests

  • Foreclosure resistance movement

  • Justice for Isaiah Hammett movement

  • Anthony Lamar Smith/Jason Stockley protests

  • Civil War monument protests

He also represents

  • Medical cannabis patients

  • Religious cannabis users

  • Politicians running on marijuana legalization platforms

  • Black Lives Matter supports

  • Transgender rights activists

  • Civil rights activists

  • Environmental activists

In addition to his regular criminal defense practice, Joe Welch represents many of these clients for a reduced fee, low bono, or completely pro bono basis. If you would like to help with legal fees or expenses for a particular person’s case talk to them about how you can help and if there are any fundraisers for their case. DO NOT ask them for details about their case or discuss anything that could be incriminating or used against them. If you are able to help out with their legal fees and expenses, understand that this does not give you any access to any information or control in the case – it is still their case, and all the confidentiality, privileges, responsibility, communications, rights, and obligations are still between the attorney and client only, as outlined in the client contract and retainer agreements. Retainers are not refundable, but anything that would ever be refunded would only be refunded to and in the name of the client, regardless of who paid it.

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Legal defense fund for Kris Thompson, the spouse of Kiwi Herring. Kiwi was murdered by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and Kris, the only eyewitness, has been charged with Assault and faces up to life in prison.

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