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Help us raise enough funds to purchase a carport for our sister shelter, Wynne Friends of Animals. Carports are used to provide shade and shelter when the dogs are outside. The puppy pen is the last outdoor structure that needs a carport!

$720 raised of $1k goal
Finished October 19, 2017

Gillian is a 3 year old Corgi mix that was recently returned to us. She has been living with double cherry eye, a condition that can be corrected with surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery is costly, so we need your help!

$640 raised of $600 goal
Finished October 27, 2016

Lombardy is a smart, sweet boy with great potential. Both his trainer and his vet have recommended an evaluation with a veterinary behaviorist at Tufts. It's Lombardy's best chance at becoming an adoptable dog. Please help!

$390 raised of $500 goal
Finished October 23, 2016

Kiki needs behavioral modification training to prepare her for her forever home. It's a costly investment, but we think she's worth it... do you? Please make a donation today and help sweet Kiki!

$280 raised of $700 goal
Finished October 23, 2016