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Corey came to us from a bad situation. He had been living in an abandoned building for over a year, there was no power, no water and his owner came just once a day to feed him. No grooming or vet care.

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Three month old Pearse was picked up as a stray by a local animal control. Poor guy could barely walk so it's extremely unlikely he strayed from anywhere, it's more likely he was dumped by someone. Both of Pearse's front legs were nearly useless and ...

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Sherlock is a gorgeous 8 year old boy that's had a run of bad luck. Sherlock found himself and his female friend at the local kill shelter with very limited time. His female friend was adopted while Sherlock was left to sit and wait. Sherlock then ...

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Mercy was found by a good samaritan at a gas station. She was begging for attention from anyone she could. While everyone else walked past her, one kind person knew she needed help so took her home to find that. She was named Mercy by her finders. ...

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Dog Days Rescue has been drowning with dogs in need of medical care for the past several months. From severe mange to parvo to cancer to a 6 week old puppy with a shattered leg to a torn anal gland to severely emaciated and the list just keeps ...

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Snowflake came to us from an overcrowded kill shelter, she and her 6 puppies were in danger due to space. She came to us on Friday, she was weak and pitiful, much like many nursing moms who come from the shelter are. On Monday morning, she stopped ...

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Dog Days Rescue saved these 2 sweet mangey babies from a local shelter. They both obviously need care and treatment for their mange but the male has a large tumor just below his tail that needs to be removed and sent for biopsy.

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This little girl came to us 2 days ago under the impression that she was EXTREMELY pregnant. She's been very fearful and shut down so we didn't prod and poke too much. This morning her breathing was very labored, we assumed she was going into labor. ...

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Reggie was shot close range in the face. He's so very sweet and lucky to be alive. Please help with the cost of the care he needs to heal from being shot, his heartworm disease and basic vet care needs.

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Jack has spent his life living under a trailer with a female having litter after litter of puppies. We've got him out of that dreadful situation but he now needs heartworm treatment to start his new life. Will you please help?

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