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We do not need to change ! we need to transform our surrounding to face the DIGITAL WORLD. From the school to the high level investigation transformation require AI. If you do not know how to start we are here to help.

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Promoting H2O Humanization of Healthcare meaning Health 4.0 with small health data using IoT and support of the AI, artificial intelligence for nurses on line and in person.

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Finished July 28, 2020

Prevent health problems by means of a personal nurse 24 hours a day. Anyone that would take care for health by themselves or by their relatives getting the support at anytime-anywhere to prevent hospitalization or health problems. Improve health.

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The buck stop here. Take your reponsability on changing healthcare delivery and medical training. Fit the requirements of a new Faculty- new Hospital- new Healthcare. Assure that those Universities that had start new curriculae ...

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Finished July 9, 2017

Raise awareness of the importance of mHealth, e-Health 4.0 and inverse innovation to reach access and equity in quality health care. Supports the UNESCO Chair of Telemedicine activities. Citizens sensibilization on the role of telemedicine and iCT for ...

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