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Hi Folks im a firefighter from Glasgow and for the last 4 year I have went to Nakuru in Kenya and help people less fortunate than myself. kids who live in the landfill site and really have nothing. but with your help I can!

£315 raised of £2k goal
33 Weeks running
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for the last three years i have been helping the people of Nakuru.the kids i help live on the landfill site and some are lucky enough to attend a volunteer school.We have helped to give the children and families better home and access to clean water.

£2,024 raised of £2k goal
Finished October 15, 2017
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Again in 2016 (late September)Hopefully with your help i will be going back to Kenya. We have managed to do a lot of work out there and want to continue with it so if you can please help every penny does count

£1,200 raised of £1.7k goal
Finished October 9, 2016
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Last year a lot of you knew i was going to Kenya and wished me all the best and more importantly helped me get there.Well since it was an amazing experience and the joy it brought to these children,I am going AGAIN!! obviously with your help x

£1,465 raised so far
Finished October 2, 2015
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YOU will be making a huge contribution to the steady change that is happening now to thousands of people's lives. I am fortunate enough to have time off work to do this project . I am sure 100's of you would love to do this but just dont have ...

£1,455 raised so far
Finished December 8, 2014
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