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Horse Rescue - a hit & run driver knocked down 300 Ft. of fencing. We are in need of donations to put up fencing so rescued horses, mini horses and mini donkeys, goats, pigs and dog don't get out. Horse wire fencing and poles need ASAP.

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Oak Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center is dedicated to using rescued horses improving the physical, cognitive and psychological well being of children, adults and Veterans with disabilities through both therapeutic riding and equine assisted psychotherapy.

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There are many Veterans suffering from PTSD and many other disabilities. Many that don't have insurance or funds for therapy. We want to help and with your help by donating will make it possible for a Veteran to have therapy at no charge.

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Blue Pearl Project is a Non Profit 501c3. Our goal is to help save the lives of as many horses as possible and to make sure they have a good home, food and to be properly maintained.

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