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We are Big and Small Rescue Society. We love dogs. We want them all to be safe, loved and healthy. We decided to rescue Johnson, a 2 year old terrier mix, from a kill shelter. He was slated for euthanization because they thought he was vicious. Eye ...

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We are Big and Small Rescue Society. We love dogs. And we especially love HALEN. Halen is a typical sad rescue story. Her mom drove her into the animal shelter and asked for her to be euthanized. Why? Because Halen has a lump on her mammary chain. ...

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Hey Everyone. We are Big and Small Rescue Society. We save abandoned dogs and cats. We want to tell you about sweet and gentle Azelea. This loving Cocker Spaniel was abandoned in a kill shelter by her owners who likely could not pay for her surgery. ...

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Big and Small Rescue Society could not pass-up this hunk of gentle canine love. Meet Hopper. Hopper spent too long in a shelter and he was slated for euthanization. The wonderful shelter staff LOVED this gentle giant. They asked us to take him and we ...

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Meet sweet little border terrier pup that goes by the name Tomas. Tomas has had a rough start in his young life having been adopted and returned to the shelter. His previous owners gave him a bad rap when they took back to the shelter. The shelter ...

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We are Big and Small Rescue Society. We are trying our hardest to help dogs suffering from extreme neglect. We rescued Shasta, an emaciated Great Dane, and Banff, a German Shepherd with severe kennel cough and nearing starvation. We need your help. <3

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Sweet 8 month old Placido was hit by a car. She was lucky to survive the accident, but she fractured her femur head on her back leg. She now needs surgery to remove the femur head, so she can learn to walk and run again. Let's help Placido.

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We are Big and Small Rescue Society. We LOVE saving animals. So many of our rescue pets are severely sick, injured and neglected. We like to get our dogs better. Our vet bills can often runaway from us. We are seeking funds of $6585.57 to pay our vets.

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Toul is a sweet 4 year old maltese x. Toul found himself on the euthanization list. Big and Small Rescue Society rescued him. When we had him vetted, we discovered a heart murmur. We would really like to get an echocardiogram with a cardiologist review.

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Licorice is a sweet 10 old cocker spaniel who got dumped in a shelter. No one came to collect this lover-boy. Our Society has stepped in to rescue Licorice. Our vets have discovered a rotting mouth and a soft mass on his chest. Let's get him fixed up!

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