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Altevette Project is a UK registered charity (Reg # 1177053) raising funds for a school project providing accommodation and education to girls from impoverished families living in the remote highlands of Upper Mustang on the Nepalese border with ...

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Altevette Project is a UK Registered Charity (Reg No. 1177053). We fund the development and support of a school project for disadvantaged girls in the high altitude and remote region of Upper Mustang in Nepal near the border with Tibet. Girls in this ...

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As part of our efforts to help the school in Upper Mustang become self-sufficient, we are supporting a project to provide fresh fruit for the students and staff as well as longer term becoming a cash crop.

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Our qualified teachers live in at school and apart from teaching duties also cover welfare needs for our girls, including a duty roster to be on call at night and holidays. It's challenging to raise funds for salaries now that we have 9 teachers.

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Altevette Project (UK Reg Charity) funds a school for disadvantaged girls in the remote Himalayan region of Upper Mustang in Nepal. Girls in this area are vulnerable to extreme poverty and exploitation and otherwise have little opportunity for education.

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