Halifax - Hercules engine run team member

Granted by John Park Lloyd Truscott David Nash and 5 others.


This item has been discontinued by Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada).

By your donation, you can become one of a very select few Halifax Project supporters and fans with the opportunity to start and help run our Bristol Hercules engine on site at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta during engine runs events! You will be given a full safety briefing and operational procedure instructions so that, under supervision, you will be able to start and participate in a Hercules engine run with our "Halifax crew" team. A great opportunity to be part of the 3-man team that runs the historic Hercules radial engine that powered the famous Halifax, Stirling, and Wellington bombers of WW2!

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H57RC Baseball Hat
  • 94 claimed
Base Ball Hat embroidered with the Halifax 57 Rescue logo
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$100 CAD
RCAF 6 Bomber Group Crest
Commemorative crest of the original RCAF 6 Group crest designed at 6 Group headquarters in 1943-1944. Found recently in the RCAF archives of RCAF 6 Group from over 75 years ago, this crest was used by RCAF Headquarters in England with the symbolic image of the Canadian Maple Leaf superimposed on the Yorkshire White Rose with the RCAF 6 Bomber Group number in
the center. A true but totally forgotten symbol of our RCAF bomber boys, resurrected by HALIFAX 57 RESCUE, as a tribute to the RCAF and Bomber Command's contribution to Allied Victory in WW2.
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$150 CAD
Handley Page Halifax - the complete history
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A newly published book (188 pages) on all aspects of the design, history, and combat career of the Halifax bomber, the "jack-of-all-trades" bomber of the RCAF and RAF in Bomber Command. Included is information and great photos on all the survivor Halifaxes in existence and their restorations. This book is straight from the publisher Haynes to Halifax 57 Rescue who contributed to the making of this excellent historical and technical book on the Halifax.
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Halifax Bomber Print
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"Invincible Item" Halifax bomber print, unsigned
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$400 CAD
Halifax Pilot Control-Wheel Replica
H57RC has produced, from an original wartime Pilot's Halifax control wheel in our collection, finely detailed and exact copies of the Halifax pilot control wheel which we offer here for the first time to our members and donors! Complete down to the pilot brake control handles (moveable) in the center of the control wheel, these never-before-offered control wheels, made from heavy resin, are so detailed that even the factory part serial numbers from the original can be seen clearly on these replica gems. Do not miss out on acquiring one of these replicas by donating $400. or more to our Halifax Project! This offering is unique in the Halifax and WW2 bomber aviation world.
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$1,000 CAD
Signed Halifax Print
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"Invincible Item" Halifax print, signed by (11) Halifax aircrew and the artist.
(DFC) means awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for excellence in combat operations
(POW) - shot down and Prisoner of War
This print is (24 in. X 36 in.) or ( 60 cm. X 92 cm.)

Oliver Rheaume - rear gunner - Ottawa, Ontario
Ted Turner - rear gunner - Campbell River, B.C.
Lloyd Patten DFC - pilot - Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Gordon Ford - wireless operator - Stratford, Ontario
Peter Provias - navigator- Oakville, Ontario
Albert McMullen - mid-upper gunner - POW - Red Deer, Alberta
Russell Earl DFC - pilot - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Jack Dundas DFC - pilot - Ridgeville, Ontario
Barney Ririe DFC - wireless operator - Magrath, Alberta
Michael McCabe - artist - Moncton, New Brunswick - cousin
W.D. Walsh KIA in a Halifax of RCAF 408 Sqn.
Keith Rupert - wireless operator - Ottawa, Ontario
Michael Guthman DFC - mid-upper gunner - Vancouver, B.C.
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Here's the campaign that needs your help

Support the Recovery of a RCAF Halifax Bomber
by Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)
  • $96,938 raised
  • 365 contributors
  • 5 years running
Halifax 57 Rescue is an aircraft recovery group that is planning to recover RCAF Halifax HR871, with our partners Swedish Coast and Sea Center and Havsresan of Sweden, from the Baltic Sea for the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta.