Early Bird Special


This item has been discontinued by Marion County Democrats Central Committee.

All in One for Two. Monthly Donors can purchase admission for 2 (donor & guest) Dinner & Auction and combined VIP admission for the reduced costs of $200. A savings of $60.

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$80 USD
Reservation for one
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Please be sure to provide us with your menu choices and seating preferences.
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$25 USD
New Monthly Donor Special
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New Monthly Donors, you can take advantage of an Early Registration Special. Begin a new monthly donation of $10 or more, and you and all guests on your reservation can attend the VIP Reception for $25. After September 1st, the VIP Reception will be $50 for new monthly donors.
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$60 USD
Senior & Student Reservation
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You swear on your honor you are over 65 or can provide a current student ID.
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Here's the campaign

Monroe Sweetland Dinner 2017
by Marion County Democrats Central Committee
  • $5,735 raised
  • 48 contributors
The Marion County Democrat Central Committee (MCDCC) serves as the official representative of the Democratic Party for Marion County, Oregon. We maintain a local headquarters at 250 Liberty Street SE, Salem,