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The Internet, social networking, and mobile technology has revolutionized the way we connect with others, access information, and conduct business. This technology has also made it possible for entrepreneurs to develop entirely new business models online.

We are pleased to introduce MyCommunityUSA, a dedicated social networking portal/web application for apartment communities. There are over 250,000 apartment communities, with over 54 million residents in the United States alone. The purpose of this portal is three-fold:

  1. Provide apartment residents with a way to connect and share across multiple communities.
  2. Provide a Recognition and Rewards program that rewards members based on their activity online.
  3. Provide a Pay-it-Forward Initiative that engages residents and promotes social sharing.
  4. Provide businesses with a cost-effective way to target renters with their advertising message.

Social Networking

Facebook and other social platforms have brought social networking to the masses. However, the focus has been individual profiling and self-promotion. In recent years, there has been a major shift from personal profiling to group creatiion sharing a common interest. Consequently, dedicated social sites are springing up around the internet that connects individuals who share a common interest or cause.

MyCommunity USA is a social networking portal that allows apartment residents to connect with others in their community, and acroos a network of communities nationwide. We have developed a web-based system that aggregates over 250,000 communities into a network of virtual communities. Using this portal, members can:

  • Create Account and Manage Profile
  • Create Groups within their community and around the network
  • Message and Follow Friends
  • Search Directories (pet sitters, baby sitters, workout partners, etc.)
  • Post Blogs (tell the world why their community is the best place to live.)
  • Earn Points, Rank and Badges
  • Participate in a nationwide Pay-it-Forward Initiative

Rewards Program

This unique program utilizes gamification techniques to engage, challenge and reward members based on their activities on the portal.

When members login, publish content, leave comments, rate an advertiser, or send referrals they earn points! From the portal, members can:

  • Track personal Points balance
  • Earn Badges and Rank based on Points history
  • Buy Points using real money
  • Earn Points when buying products online
  • Transfer Points (Pay-it-Forward) to other members
  • Leaderboard tracks the most active members and drives competition

This Rewards Program encourages regular and repeat visits, resulting in millions of member interactions and point transactions.


This program leverages the power of social networking, mobile media, and gamification techniques to take Paying-It-Forward to a whole new level!

The original Pay-It-Forward concept was created by Catherine Ryan Hyde in her book which later became a Warner Bros. movie in 1984, self-eltitelded Pay-it-Forward. The concept is simple - someone does a favor for you and instead of paying them back, you Pay-It-Forward to someone else – usually a total stranger. It has since grown into a worldwide movement that most people are familiar with.

This portal allows members to engage in virtual Pay-it-Forward activity with other residents in their apartment community, and across the network. Here's how it works:

  1. Members earn points through various online activities.
  2. Members Pay-it-Forward by randomly transferring points to someone else.
  3. The recepient then Pays-it-Forward to someone else.

The portal includes online contests.For example, members create and post their Pay-it-Forward idea on the network. Visitors can then nominate and vote for the best Pay-it-Forward idea.

The overall objective is to connect millions of people around the country all participating in and benefiting from the Universal Law of Reciprocity - what goes around, comes around!


The MyCommunity USA social portal will initially be launched as a web application using mobile responsive design technology. This means the content will display properly on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Future upgrades include mobile apps that will be available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. This upgrade will also include a multi-lingual format for international marketing.

Goals & Objectives

There are over 250,000 apartment communities with over 54 million residents in the United States alone. We have developed a marketing strategy to secure a sizeable share of the market, without the necessity for a large advertising expense. Our goals are three-fold:

  • Secure 1,000,000 active subscribers the first year
  • Secure 2,500 Affiliates by within two years
  • Generate over 4M in advertising revenue within third year

Memberships are free; however, we have developed a sustainability model that generates revenue through online advertising and shopping, as well as, affiliate programs.

Due to the viral nature of the program, it has the potential to grow exponentially, generating millions of regular visits, and evolving into a viable advertising opportunity for local businesses.

Funding Requirements

We are seeking to raise $25,000 through our crowd-funding campaign to upgrade this app, and implement an emarketing campaign. We are asking you to Pay-it-Forward by making a contribution to support this initiative. When you Pay-it-Forward with $25 or more,, will pay it back to you in full! You will recieve a matching gift card that redeemable at over 22,000 restaurants nationwide. Now you can participate in this exciting initiative, while treating yourself to a great meal!


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