Feeding the Hungry and Inspiring Change
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Our vision is a global community, free from poverty, where children are protected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

What We Do

  • School Feeding Program- In-Visible currently provides 700 malnourished children a free daily meal at Holy Spirit Elementary school. For many of our children enrolled into the program, these meals are the only regular and nutritious food they receive.
  • Girls Education- Education is crucial for the empowerment and emancipation of girls and women, and the realisation of all other human rights which is why In-Visible is proud to support girls education by funding 10 girl scholars.
  • Livelihood- We provide free livelihood training and employment opportunities for the volunteers and parents of children in our program through partnerships with local and national businesses.
  • Youth Empowerment- In-Visible believes in empowering youth to transform their neighbourhood and the world through community service.
  • Community Ownership and Volunteerism- Our program is run entirely by local volunteers from within the community. By using local volunteers we are able to create strong bonds within the communities we work with.
  • Emergency Relief- Our focus is primarily on children however, we have been providing life’s basic essentials to those who need it most in moments of crisis. 

Preparing the Meals

Happy Faces

Real Stories:

Lalaine, Kitchen Volunteer and Mother of A Child in the Feeding Program: "I want to share the experience and change in my daughter after being in the feeding program last year. When my child started in the program she weighed only 16kg as a 9 year old grade 3 student which is not good. Now after one year of the feeding program she weighs 22kg! Wow! Thank you. Sometimes my daughter tells me the food in the feeding program is so delicious even if it's vegetables I don't believe it's vegetables. Thank you for your big heart. Thank you to all the generous people helping people in the Philippines. You are giving a lot of children a chance to achieve their goal in life because they have energy in school. I promise as a parent volunteer to always help and support the vision of In-Visible." 

Aurora, Mother of one of our Girl Scholars: Through tears, Aurora describes the impact that the scholarship has had on her family. Her eldest child is disabled and can’t walk which means her family has to spend money taking tuktuks (tricycles) everywhere. Her daughter kept failing school (1st and 2nd grades) because if Aurora's husband didn’t make enough money to afford transportation to school the kids would simply not attend. How could her daughter learn if she's always missing school? Since her daughter has been in the scholarship program she’s been doing really well in school and can attend regularly. She says her husband is a construction worker and his work is not stable. On a good month he earns $215 USD but some months it could be nothing. The most that the family earns in one year is $2,580 and there are 6 members in the family. Her daughter hopes to finish her education and work in technology one day. 

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