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Hi everyone, my name is Anastasia, I am a 29-year-old woman, single mother to 1 beautiful daughter and I am gay. I have decided to create this campaign because I am in big trouble due to my sexual orientation. I came out as gay almost 2 years ago when I met the love of my life, it felt right and I expected my life to change for the better for accepting myself but everything took a bad turn, because being gay in my country is just impossible.


I am Russian, I was born in a big Siberian city, I lived there my entire life, raised my daughter there for the last 12 years, have been married and divorced twice. And I discovered that I love women (hence, the second divorce) everything would be fine if it was not for the government here that hates gay people and the large population of bigoted people with no space in their heart for love. Since accepting who I am, our lives have become a nightmare. My daughter, my girlfriend, and I, had to move out of the city in which we spent our entire lives because all the people we once knew started to hate us. It’s hard to remember now how dirty it was. Closest friends was judging us, told us to break up and not to make everyone laugh. Strangers mock us as fucking lesbians; faggots and told us that we are embarrass everyone in city . Even in my daughter school, she had problems with it because her moms was different. Everyone from teacher to her schoolmates hated her. So, we decided finis h her semester and move from this city which start to hate us just for love. 


     We moved to a different city, still in Russia, but far from all the friends and family, we once knew and loved. It was big city called Kaliningrad and it was close to Europe, so we thought people will be more open minded about same sex relationship. However, we was wrong. We hoped this would be enough, but nothing changed. People still hated us and our daughter just for love.  In fact, things got worse, without my job as a sales manager and without my girlfriends job, with no one wanting to hire us, no one wanting to rent 2 gay girls and their daughter an apartment, at least not for a fair price and again we had a problems with daughter school. Because of of our relationships we can lose a child, she was 11 and having a same sex relationships counts as gay propaganda and government can took our child from us. Such words we hear from everywhere.  However, we didn’t lose a hope,! We was still trying! We got by on small freelance jobs and other internet projects, all while living on scraps.

     But something bad happens, I get sick, after 2 month of pain and pills I had diagnosed hydrosalpinx and had to do an operation, which with my health condition might cost me a life. We didn’t get in a waiting line for it for free, cause we are not like normal people (medicine is free in Russia) we had to pay, but it was fine, we had some money. Before surgery we go to a social service and ask them, how to do a custody of a child to my gf and they said they won’t do it cause we are lgbt, despite even not close people can do it. And we realize that we are never be a normal citizens in our country, we will be always in the end of everything and can’t even get help when we will need it.  It all became too much, we decided to try our luck somewhere else, a different country, we grabbed 1 suitcase, our dogs, and left again, invited my an old friend to stay with them for a while in Ukraine as a guests. 
    We had hoped to figure something out once we got here, through pink lenses we had hoped to see a future for us here, however, this place is really no better than Russia. There are no safe places for lgbt peoples, people still hate us and we are same rightless even more we was before. For now, we are safe while we hide our sexual orientation, but living in hiding your whole life is no way to live. With our visas soon to expire and no way of being able to stay we are being forced to leave again, we can't go back to Russia, so we have a plan to seek support of LGBTQ+ Organisation, that is what this campaign is aiming for.

Our goal is to raise enough money for plane tickets and Visas to safe place, which is main pain in the head, and to seek the aid of an organisation willing to help fellow LGBT people in trouble. We always tried to avoid making a fund project, trying to make it by on our own, with our own powers, but with our time constraints and lack of sustainable income, internet projects only just paying our rent, freelance work just managing to feed us, we can’t save enough even to that big aim.  Also we want to try save our dogs too. They are big part of our life and trough all dark time we didn’t left them and still trying to save. We have a female German boxer and female Husky.  So that is the situation in our life now, so bad that I cannot live here and rise my kid, can't show her a world free from hate. And I can’t even go back to my home. I cannot love my gf and cannot be calm about her safety. So I ask you to help me, my daughter and my girlfriend.  Save us! Help with anything you can. If you can re-post this somewhere so people, can hear our story and help, please do, if you can send us some money for tickets, and a visa to LGBT friendly country, please do, if you work for or know a gay organization, which help people like us, please tell us, we desperately need your help and kindness. We are tired of being hated and tired of being scared. We just want to be happy, just want to be ourselves.
We tryed to calculate how much will cost that project and its hard to get aproximate amount of money. And here is a parts on what we are going to spend it, ofcourse with proving every dollar. 
  • AIRPLANE OR FERRY TICKETS 600 - 2500$  / easy but expensive part, all depends from country / 
  • VISAS + FIRST TIME MONEY  3700 $ / most hard part because you will have to have some amount of money on bank acount for it, after getting a visa we can use it as first time money for food and hostels /  
I know its a small things but we want to show you that we not just going to make you help us with everything! We are ready to do alot of things ourselves, study languages and laws, prepare everything for a trip, be independent in small things like finding hostels, tickets and places to go. We will add here everything that we will do. 
  • All papers /medical, financial / we need to go trough border.
  • Decent knowing of english language. / we still working on childs language/
  • Huge respect to all cultures, races, religions, laws.
  • Knowing how to use all new tech in trip and in different country. / we will find any place with google maps/
  • We have education and we are ready to work. / I'am a sales manager with experience about 10 years and my gf study as a history teacher and now working in gaming and blockchain technology journalism / 
  • We have dogs cages for airplanes IATA size 5 and 6, so we dont need to spend on it money you can help us with.
  • We have 3 suitcases for a travel.
  • Extra money for some emergency, from now we will save about 50-70$ in month.
We have lots of social medias and we try to do everything completely open without any lie, if you want you can contact us in any of it and we will be glad to answer. Also soon we will record a video and upload it here.
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