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It goes without saying that the experience of serving on the jury for this trial would be life changing. Focusing on something positive by giving back and raising money money for the 7/20 memorial is the definition of resilience.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"~ Audrey  Hepburn

Please help our garden grow!

The 7/20 memorial foundation is composed of family of victims, survivors, and others directly impacted by the tragedy of July 20th, 2012. We are raising money to build a memorial that will allow all to remember, reflect and renew. It has been a long road to recovery and healing, and the journey countinues. 

We could not have survived the journey without the outpouring of love, kindness and generosity that were sent after that tragic night that took the lives of Jonathon Blunk, age 26; Alexander "AJ" Boik, age 18; Jesse Childress, age 29; Gordon Cowden, age 51; Jessica Ghawi, age 24; John Larimer, age 27; Matt McQuinn, age 27; Micayla Medek, age 23; Veronica Moser-Sullivan, age 6 and her unborn sibling; Alex Sullivan, age 27; Alexander Teves, age 24; and Rebecca Wingo, age 32.

Thoughts and prayers were shared with our families, community and the heroes and survivors of that tragic night from people around the nation and the world.

Well Wishes

 A makeshift memorial was set up across from the theater and many people visited to reflect and remember. The space would only be available temporarily because of planned construction in the area, and the need for a permenent memorial became important to pursue.Makeshift Memorial

 It was a rough 3 years waiting for the trial to begin, but once it did, we again recieved emotional support from everywhere. "Love To Aurora" launched a facebook and twitter campaign in a show of support. Even with the support, it was difficult to focus on planning and raising money for the memorial. But now the trial is behind us and we can move forward and focus on something positive, a memorial that will honor not only loved ones lost, but also the strength of the survivors, heroes, the community and everyone who was impacted by the tragedy. 

The memorial will be a part of the Reflection Garden, a planned expansion of the Aurora Xeriscape Garden. The City of Aurora is generously donating the land, paths, garden and maintenance of this space that will hold the memorial, while the memorial foundation and committee are focused on adding special features such as artwork, benches, etc. that will enhance the space and create places for individuals to take in the beautiful and serene area. 100% of the funds raised for the foundation will go toward the memorial itself. We have heard from different organizations that have estimated the cost of a project like this can range from $100,000 to $200,000. 

Conceptual land picture

Right now the garden is a blank slate and we look forward to begin creating something that will speak to everyone whose lives continue to be affected in some way by the tragedy. Please consider contributing to the peace and healing that will be felt by all who visit the 7/20 memorial garden. Your generosity and support is truly appreciated.

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