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    Hi, I'm Jason Heffner.  I beat Colon Cancer for the second time and am struggling with surgical complications from Whipple procedure, chronic pancreatic leak, and liver stent/tubes.  

      I am not working and must humbly ask for help!   I need to keep my phone on, car insurance to get to appts and shopping needs.  This has been a long slow road - I am grateful for any and all support!

      In 2001, at the age of 21, I had colon cancer and went through surgery and chemotherapy.  In 2012, another tumor grew much larger than the one before.  I didn't have insurance so it was caught late, the colon cancer tumor had spread to my small intestine.  

    In November 2012, I underwent the Whipple Procedure and Colon Resection: they removed my gall bladder, half my pancreas, a third of my small intestine, and a third of my large intestine, and reconnected the remaining organs.  I have several surgical complications.

    I am still struggling to make ends meet as I continue medical care to get better.  My chronic pancreatic leak causes pain and pancreatitus. The connection between my liver and small intestine closed up last year so I was carrying around bags of fluid connected to tubes in my abdomen.  I experience pain and digestive issues.

     I need all the help I can get until I am well enough to work.  I am grateful for all the support and help and love. God Bless You, and Thank You!

Love You, Mean It!!!!


(Note: Feb 2014 I am currently Cancer free- my last imaging looked clear, & my next colonoscopy is in a few weeks so I hope I'm in the clear!)

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Have you read my story? TWO years battling cancer & surgeries & radiology & chemo & pain and fatigue. I haven't worked in two years but FIFTEEN is good for a bottle of wine! (If I'm able to drink it!) EVERY DOLLAR is appreciated, I'm humbled to ASK for money, but trying to give art & comedy for free! - - - - - - - The $15 PERK :: Jason or one of his closest associates will text you during the day of your choosing! - Added Bonus! Texting with me is already a carnival - I aim for funny texts, semi vulgar, but I'm full of material! YES YES THE PERK IS TEXTING WITH ME (Rates Apply) and as a BONUS to this PERK, the texter will be allowed to ask me any question, and question at all.
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Help JASON with Bills (regular & Medical)
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A Donation at the $140 level means I can pay one of my bills, either phone or car insurance. I also have Netflix & Sirius bills but they so cheap! - - - OKAY if you make a $140 donation, I can call thanks, I can text jokes, I can MAIL a thank you letter... what do you WANT???! :)
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THE OMG THANK YOU $320 Donation Level
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I used to make $320 per appraisal. I haven't worked in two years but I'm starting to examine my options. I want to work; everything I want to do involves being myself; something to engage my creative mind please. I Hate not working, not being productive! I have passions and likes and loves! I gotta overcome this! THIS $320 perk would handle all my basic expenses for a month - make myself less a burden, and do more local open mics! - for this Donation PERK: you get aPRIVATE & Specific written letter or email from Jason specifically to you, about life, notes, ideas
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