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How We Got Started:

In the Spring of 2011, Lauren traveled to Rwanda as a nurse with a group from the University of Florida. The experience was life changing and she has since returned to Africa and Rwanda every year.

Inshuti of Rwanda's first house was built for Solome and her family in 2014.  Last year, with the generous donations of our friends and families, Inshuti built 4 new homes for single-mother families. 

We invite you to visit our Facebook page for more information, read the stories and see our pictures!!

Solome's Story

In 2014, Inshuti of Rwanda built a home for Solome, Issac and their four daughters. For the three years prior the family had been living in a small corrugated metal structure after their original home was washed away in a landslide. The Rwandan government moved them to a safer location and although, they were given new land to live on, Solome and Issac did not have money for building materials.

Both Solome and Issac are HIV+ and are fortunate enough to take anti-retrovirals supplied to them by the government. However, they struggle to make a living. Solome is a seamstress and a recipient of a micro-loan from Rwanda Sustainable Families.

Nyirabanyurwa Marceline

This year we invite you to meet 61 year old Nyirabanyurwa Marceline.  Marceline was married to a man who already had a wife.  She became the second wife in the household and lived this way for 10 years.  In 1991, her husband died and her co-wife's familiy kicked Marceline out of the house because she had not bore any children.  They didn't even allow her to take any possesions with her.  Marceline then began renting a small, dirty room with the little money she could scrounge up.  She speaks of this time as the darkest moments of her life.  A few years later, she allowed a prostitute to stay with her becaue the woman had nowhere else to go. That woman gave birth to a baby in Marceline's house and the very next day left without notice.  Marceline adopted the baby as her own and named the child Innocent.  Years later, Marceline was walking in her village when she saw a baby on the side of the lane crying.  Nobody knew where the baby had come from or who's it was.  Marceline picked up the child and raised it as her own, naming him Emmanuel.  Ever with the large heart and warm smile, Marceline adopted a third child, Christine.  Today Marceline still rents two small, crummy rooms and earns money as a seamstess.  With your help, Inshuti of Rwanda wants to build Marceline and her family a house in 2016.

The Cost:

The cost of building a simple home in Rwanda = $2,500 !!!

Here's what the break down looks like:

$1,023- House Materials (foundation rocks, adobe bricks, mud, cement)

    $489- Roof Materials (eculaptyus trees, corregated iron sheets, nails)

    $159- Carpenter Cost (doors, windows, locks)

    $240- Pit Latrine Cost 

    $444- Labor (masons, unskilled workers, roofer)

    $145- Interpeter Fees


(for further breakdown of expenses vist our FB page)

What's Happening This Year:

2015-2016 is proving to be a big growth year for Inshuti of Rwanda, as we have filed our 501c3 paperwork and are in the process of becoming an NGO (non-governmental organization).  Our new status as a NGO comes with a lot more responsibilites and a Board of Directors.  Please meet our team.

Lauren Rose Marino - Founder and Executive Director

Katie McCarthy- Chairperson of the Board

Daniel Herlocker- Treasurer 

Jayinee Adhvaryu- Secretary

John Jamison- Member of the Board

Rudasingwa Felix- Rwanda Project Coordinator 

Inshuti of Rwanda is so excited for the year to come as our organization grows.  While we can't guarentee your donation will be tax deductable this year we are hoping to offer that in the next year.  

Don't forget to check out our new website.  It's just in the begining stages but its being updated frequently.  Stay tuned for more.


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