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Help Give Sumba's Children Access to Education
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Help 'English Goes to Kampung' meet our fundraising goal of $20,000 to build a Learning Center for the children of Sumba and pave the way for a brighter future.


English Goes to Kampung(EGK) is a grassroots organization founded by English Teacher and Activist Roswita Asti Kulla. Recognizing Education as a vital tool to alleviate poverty and gain access to job opportunities, EGK's mission is to make education more widely accessible on Sumba Island.

The initiative began with Asti conducting English and life skills classes for her students in local villages (kampungs) who were unable to attend school because the distance was too far or because they were struggling to meet the demands of daily survival. Today, the foundation reaches over 1,000 children along Sumba’s coastal areas and inland villages with 80volunteers organizing and coordinating activities.

While NIHI Sumba has been on a pause due to the pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions, a number of Sumbanese staff members have volunteered their time to support EGK's mission, conducting classes on the coastal areas of Sumba. They participate not only as skilled teachers, but extraordinary role models for overcoming adversity, demonstrating to the young children on Sumba what can be achieved when they apply themselves to learning.

Watch an interview on YouTube with Rowsita Asti Kulla, Founder of English Goes to Kampung and CEO of NIHI Hotels, James McBride recorded during the lockdown.

NIHI's Owner Chris Burch has already kicked off this campaign with a generous donation of $10,000, bringing us halfway to our fundraising goal!

All donations, regardless of size, make a meaningful impact on the lives of our local community. Please contribute what you can and help us further the message by sharing this campaign to your social channels. 


Asti during a class with the children Pictured: Asti conducting outdoor English classes on Sumba with her students from local villages.


EGK's volunteers


  • Establish a Learning Center for Sumba’s children
  • Build an EGK headquarters which will house its secretariat, and a creative hub for staff and volunteers to meet, discuss, design and develop programs for the continued advancement of the quality of EGK programs
  • A gathering place for likeminded people to support each other and brainstorm ways to create a better and dignified Sumba for all

The Foundation has, as its first initiative, the building of a multipurpose center which will  house its learning hub and secretariat office. This is seen as a priority in order to help the  movement coordinate its diverse initiatives and growing volunteer numbers, as well as to provide  the children with a nurturing setting for their learning and development. It is envisaged that a diversity of classes will be provided beginning with English classes, language classes, computer  classes, public speaking classes and a mini library. The secretariat office will be a space for staff  and volunteers to gather, discuss, support each other and develop appropriate and relevant programs for students as well as for themselves. 

EGK does not have funding for the implementation of building the proposed EGK Hub. It  hopes to raise funds from both government sources and private institutions and individuals. For  this reason, EGK is submitting a proposal for the construction of this learning center and  secretariat. 

It is hoped that this initiative will receive broad-based support so that EGK can dream big  and continue to work for the future of Sumba’s youth. All donations and use of funds will be  managed in a transparent and accountable manner and if needed, further information can be  accessed directly from the secretary and treasurer of EGK.


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