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112 Carlota Galgos based in Malaga, Spain is dedicated to every Spanish galgo who is being tortured as you read this and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come and rescue them.  Charlotte founded 112 Carlota Galgos in 2006 when she started to publish about the plight of the galgos, later on becoming an association which rescues as many galgos as possible, caring for them on a personal basis and socialising traumatised cases in order to be adopted.  112 Carlota Galgos is a voluntary organisation which rely on donations and money raised from various fundraising projects.  All help received is voluntary.  This is an URGENT APPEAL, the van used to rescue the galgos as well as providing transport for veterinary care has broken down.  It has been in and out of the garage for most of this year for major problems and now cannot be repaired.  Please read through our appeal and donate to our Van Fund so that Charlotte can continue saving the galgos of Spain.

112 Carlota Galgos has saved many galgos, this week before the van broke down yet again Charlotte had a call about four galgos roaming close to a gypsy site in Cadiz.  Much of the day was spent catching these traumatised sick galgos.  The pictures show two of these galgos, which are now safe.



Galgos are used in Spain for hunting hares, and when it is not the season, many wander the streets abandoned.  Left to their own luck, hanged, dropped in rubbish bins, wells, burnt, anything to rid the trace of having had a Galgo.  Unless in the hands of an association, they are doomed from birth.  Hunters from 2 months will be training, and from birth will be picked out good or bad.  From one litter of ten only ONE may make a hunting dog.  The rest, surplus to requirements.  Overbreeding leads to mass abandonement of Galgos and these numbers reach way over 50,000.  The figures for those not rescued are far in excess of this.

Charlotte has simply performed miracles with the galgos in her care, before and after photos are astounding.  Galgos from 112 Carlota Galgos have been adopted globally to the USA, Canada and throughout Europe.


One heart wrenching story that touched so many hearts was that of Ebro and Jade.  January 2013 two galgos were found with the most horrific injuries, later named Ebro and Jade.  Due to injuries sustained Jade sadly lost her fight with life on 19th January 2013.  That day Charlotte made a promise to Jade to care for her best friend Ebro to the best of her abiltiy.  Ebro needed many months of intensive veterinary care, but with his sheer determination and the dedicated care he received from Charlotte he survived.  Ebro now lives with Charlotte and her family.

The video of Ebro is a story of courage - December 2013.  Ebro's first Christmas without pain, without abuse, without hunger, a story of a galgo who wanted to live and a woman who was determined to make that happen.


Please donate to our Van Appeal so we can help more galgos like Ebro.

Please spread the word to all your friends and family, share through all your social media.  For those who do not use social media sites then email them the link of this appeal please.


LOVE IS.....

There's love in the air today

They asked me if they could simply stay?

My answer was as always is..

Here my friends a place there is...

For Forever dreams are made of gold...

And here your life is never sold

For every lick and every paw

Is blessed my loves your spirits soar

For here amongst the orchard grounds

Love is felt and peace is found

This is yours... your home for now

Where I will teach you just so how..

How to simply 'just lets be'

For love my friends here is free

My heart my soul it bleeds for you

I try my best I do I do

I never tell you when I'm down

I hide away my broken frown

For all I do - I DO FOR YOU

In that my loves my heart is true

At times I sink so low inside

My heart it screams hold on tight

For each and every soul thats here

Needs a touch to heal their fear

For when they soar like the eagle high

Way above the clouds they sigh..

A relief so free they're going home

And in that my loves my spirit roams

For I am yours each and everyday

You simply take my breath away

Love is.....

Finca 112 Carlota Galgos

(By Charlotte)

Charl & Duke


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