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Hello Potential Warriors

Thank you for taking the time to view our cause.

We have started a campaign to assist with a massive need. The campaign is accompanied by the launch of an international challenge.

Please view our promotional video for the  "Mohawk Challenge"  brought to you by the  Mohawk Warriors.  Please  become a Warrior  in the battle against Corona Virus / Covid-19 by donating, sharing, taking part in the challenge, challenging others and making this an international symbol for the fight against Corona. 

Even if the Mohawk Challenge is not for you, please donate and make a difference.

All you need to do to  be a Warrior  is to join the fight in the Corona Crisis by making a donation.



Millions of people in our country need help NOW.

It starts with the most basic....FOOD.

It, however, extends way beyond that. The effects of the virus and lock-down will continue for years and will certainly change the way we live. The world will not be the same and we need to adapt NOW. We need to fast-prepare and plan our way out of lock-down and how to move forward.

Without developing new, safe ways to get things done, we risk a severe outbreak and/or collapse in, the economy, education, health and general desegregation of life and progress as a society.

It is vital that we progress regardless of what challenges come our way, Corona or other... We must overcome, even if life looks different on the other side. Change, solutions and opportunity are born in tough times, where it is vital to improve or do things differently. Despite the immediate challenges, we WILL adapt and improve, and the world will be better and more efficient in the future. There will be more respect for people, health, hygiene, the environment, and what really matters.

Our vision is big. There are many areas where we would like to assist and drive change for a safe and sustainable future. It is, however, a function of how much we can raise.

The immediate need is taking care of the community, as we try to minimize transmissions of the disease. This means feeding people while they are unemployed and hungry. It means providing masks and sanitisers to enable good practice of safety precautions in communities, especially as well try to re-integrate.

Looking beyond lock-down:

We need to ensure safe working conditions.

We need to ensure safe and alternative education facilities. Alternative education is way overdue in our country. We can and must drastically improve here and very quickly.
We have the technology to do it!

Education will benefit everyone in our land, not just those being educated. It will take our country from, a few supporting the majority, to a nation where people are empowered to take control of their own destiny.  

There are too many areas that need attention to list.

Our focus is as follows:

Phase 1:
Procure food in bulk at low cost and support the community with food parcels.

Phase 2:
Distribute masks and sanitisers to the community to prevent transmissions and head toward the return to work under strict safety precautions.

Phase 3:
Assist by facilitating the setting up Certified Safe Zones (CSZ's) that will enable staff and companies to return to work and production without the risk of infecting each other and the clientele to whom they provide a service.

Bear in mind that South Africa produces much food for export so supporting South Africa will help maintain food supply to other countries during this time of short supply.

Phase 4:
Setting up SAFE EDUCATION systems.
These include:
    1. Assisting with the implementation of safe practices at existing institutions.
    2. Setting up secure facilities in communities to air/display quality education via broadcast and/or streamed content.
    3. Supply of low-cost handheld devices with preloaded and/or streamed education.


Phase 1 costs are simple.
We can get meals down to a cost of about R1 per meal. 
We will endeavour to procure food in bulk at the lowest price and feed as many people as possible.
Simply put, Rand Donated = Meals provided (1:1)

Phase 2,3,4 and beyond will be pursued should we achieved significant donations. For the time being 100% of donations will go to feeding the hungry. As we progress, percentage contributions will be applied to get us into phases 2,3,4 and beyond.

We will update donors and the public on our progress and our figures will be available for audit if necessary.


Be a Warrior......make a difference!


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