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About Our Team

Ryan Ballou has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and formed Ballou Skies with his father to provide funds to map the hearts of boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

MD weakens all muscles. Without a cure, the most important muscle, the heart, will fail. If we can look at numerous hearts and map the progression of scarring and the weakening of this vital muscle we can hopefully extend lives until there is a cure.

By streghtening hearts, we are lengthing lives.

100% of the money raised by BallouSkies goes to trial at the Ohio State University Heart Clinic where this life-saving research is taking place.

The Chicago chapter of Ballou Skies -- the Ballou Skies Chi Tri Team -- is in its third year. Started by Ryan's cousin, a Chicago resident, it continues the mission of Ballou Skies, raising money and spreading awareness throughout the Midwest.

The team competes in triathlons throughout the summer. Our largest race is the Chicago Triathlon which sees over 9,000 participants from 46 states and 18 different countries. Each team member raises money for this cause, all of which goes directly to the 501c3 charity.

As Ryan told the team, "when you finish the race, remember, you aren’t just pushing yourself physically, you are pushing life-saving research forward."

To join us contact or visit the Ballou Skies website.

About Muscular Dystrophy

  • MD is a degenerative muscle disorder that affects all muscles within the body.
  • MD weakens the musculosketal system and hampers movement.
  • MD is a mutation in the dystrophin gene, an important structural component within muscle tissue that provides structural stability to muscles and cells. The normal human has dystrophin coating all of their muscles. People with Beckett’s MD have 40% of the normal amount of dystrophin, people with Duchenne MD have ZERO dystrophin. Without dystrophin, the body starts attacking muscles because it does not recognize the muscle without that important coating. This leads to their destruction.
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or DMD is the type of MD that Ryan has. There are over 40 different variations with this type of muscular dystrophy which only affects boys.
  • Symptoms usually appear in male children before age 6 and may be visible in early infancy
  • Weakness of the legs and pelvis associated with a loss of muscle mass is observed first. Eventually this weakness spreads to the arms, neck, and other areas.
  • Most patients are wheelchair dependent by age 12
  • The average life expectancy for patients afflicted with DMD is around 25
  • MD is an x-linked disease, so while women cannot be afflicted with Duchenne, they can pass it on to their children. (Women can have other types of MD)
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