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Take control of your privacy with Project Shotblock, a stylish, non-intrusive device to protect you from unwanted webcam snoopers. See the whole story

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Finished Oct 16, 2014

Take control of your privacy with Project Shotblock, a stylish, non-intrusive device that protects you from unwanted webcam intruders.

* Portable computers are used in EVERY room of the house.

* Every camera is a potential window into your personal life.

* Lives have been shaken, ruined, and cut short because of webcam hacking.

Take Control of Your Privacy with Project Shotblock!

It is the hardware solution to a highly-exploited software problem!

 Computer security experts suggest that webcams are covered up when not in use and that all computers are equipped with anti-virus software to protect people from webcam hackers. Project Shotblock protects you and your family from prying eyes. 

What makes Project Shotblock better than the alternatives? 

The Shotblock is universally sized, re-usable, removable, and NON-ADHESIVE, so it won't damage or scratch your camera lens. It won’t shift unless you move it and it can be used over and over again. The Shotblock is thin enough to be left on when you close the laptop, even if you have the thinnest model on the market. 

The Project Shotblock "clip" fits every laptop we tested. We took each revision to the big box retailers to test for fit and sizing against dozens of popular laptop brands and models. We also have access to a computer recycling facility where we tested various laptops. It even fits most tablets! An analog solution to a digital problem; a solution you can trust.

We've included some articles for a wider ranging look on this problem:

Miss Teen USA 2013 has been in the news lately for more than winning the beauty pageant:

Take a look into the world of dangerous people who are looking into YOUR world:

Thought they fixed that bug or problem that let the bad guys snoop before? Nope!

El gobierno...


That was just a few examples of scary hackers spying on innocent people. Now watch the desktop of a computer hacker who has gained total control of unsuspecting people's computers. This is what it looks like on the other side of the lens.

(This is creepy, so please use your own judgment when deciding if you want to watch the videos):

You can never be sure if a link, image, or doc has a Trojan that will allow hackers access to your computer and control over your camera. 

Computer security experts have offered advice on how users can protect themselves against "ratting" (hacker control), suggesting that webcams be covered up when not in use and all PCs be equipped with anti-virus software.

Protect Your Privacy!

Project Shotblock has been through multiple redesign phases to make sure we deliver the most efficient and effective product. We are currently working on finishing our final prototype before the official launch and the launch color will be decided on by our very own supporters! Shortly after the launch, Shotblock will be available in a variety of colors, including swirl-color combinations.

Anticipated launch color will be decided by our very own supporters!  Shortly thereafter Shotblock will be available in a variety of colors along with swirl-color combinations. We will also be soliciting large, custom orders.  



Project Shotblock can be customized for different colors, text, and can even include your company's logo! Project Shotblock can be customized for different colors, text, and can even include your company's logo!

Shotblock is also perfect for company wide security or as a tradeshow giveaway.  Instead of giving away a pencil or pen with your company's logo, give people something that is practical for them to use! Get your company's name out there while also protecting your employee's and client's privacy.  We can customize large group orders using YOUR COMPANY LOGO!  Various other customizations will be available after launch.


We have partnered with a family owned manufacturing shop in New Jersey that has helped us develop the clip from the original technical drawings to our most recent prototype.  

We have made six prototypes with the shop, and they can fabricate a prototype in less than one week.

Once we have reached our target goal, we will fulfill the order. It will take up to four weeks to create the mold and start mass production.

We have a close working relationship with the factory owners and can receive preferential treatment.

We have looked into a few options in terms of order fulfillment services, and also can do manual fulfillment if necessary.

We are planning on shipping the product with a cd of useful security tools and in proper packaging.

We have sourced alternative manufacturers for a wider release if there is sufficient demand.

Our first sketches of Shotblock.


Follow us on Twitter @ProjShotblock at

and on Facebook at!

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