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HOPI Water Project: Water is Life!
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HOPI Water Project is collaboration of some of the world's finest Native American Elders, Tribal Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Activists, Advocates, Educators, Public Service Officials, Social Workers, and Scientists to bring viable solutions to HOPI water. More ...
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HOPI Water Project is collaboration of some of the world's finest Native American Elders, Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Activists, Advocates, Educators, Public Service Officials, Social Workers, and Scientists to bring about TANGIBLE and REAL solutions to the dire and growing problem of water shortage and contamination on the Native American HOPI Tribal Land.

What makes this project unique is that the organizers are HOPI natives, and that the blessings of proper HOPI Spiritual Leaders and Clans are being sought and that traditional HOPI customs and protocols are being followed and respected. We seek harmony not discord. And in doing so amazing people have been united under one cause, a human cause.


HOPI Water Project is helping bring worldwide solutions to the growing shortage and contamination problem on the Native American HOPI Land.


HOPI Water Project hopes to bring worldwide solutions in modern (ancient-tech/forgotten science and methods) to the current water contamination and shortage on HOPI native land. In bringing about change we hope to implement various techniques to implement and maintain a self-sustaining lifestyle module.

This project is about so much more than just the water. Water is in everything. It is everywhere. And part of the problems arising from the water is the inability to self-grow food. A virtual Food Desert has been created as a result of the water problems, in thereby leaving behind other problems like malnutrition, obesity, diabetes, birth defects, ill health, and overall shortened longevity. This way of life is NOT in harmony with the Creator.

To combat these problems, Natwanhoyum Tunatya (The Divine Plan) is a youth farming project on a 10 acre farm (awarded by the Chief of the Mother Village of Shungopavi) being run today.

This project serves the Second Mesa youth by providing them with knowledge in fundamental principles of traditional Hopi dry farming methods, other methods of farming, health benefits from eating locally grown food, and self-sustainability methods. This project promotes building cultural awareness in Hopi traditions and language, arts and crafts as well. This summer they estimate they will have about 30 participants (ages 5yrs to 17yrs) and would like to add a small garden to produce nontraditional vegetables using other methods of farming.

Spiritual Leadership on HOPI that have sanctioned this project believe that the knowledge gained in this project will help encourage their youth to become stronger and healthier citizens, to respect the land, to work together in a community, and to pass this important information on to future generations so that it will not be lost.

We are currently in need of supplies to build a green-house that will withstand the high winds on Second Mesa. In addition we are rehabbing a community building that was damaged by a fire, in order to house and store materials and supplies. Your monetary or In-Kind donation (Store-Credit) will be much appreciated in obtaining educational tools, farming and building materials such as soil, farming tools, lumber, nails, power tools, roofing, dry-wall, tiles, flooring, etc. (See NEEDED Materials Lists below)

Any and all help you can lend will be much appreciated. We will list you (or your company/organization) on our website as an official sponsor, and logo placement on all educational materials. Your contributions or donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent the IRS will allow.

THE HOPI WATER PROJECT IS CLOSE TO HOME BECAUSE IT IS MY TRIBE. The Hopi People are living in the bellybutton of the world. Keepers of the sacred knowledge that belongs to humanity and the world. Keepers of the Old Ways of living in harmony with the Earth Mother, and Grandfather Sky. It is our duty to help bring harmony to this land once again. We must build an oasis that will heal the land, and reawaken the spirit of the water. Changes made here will echo and ripple throughout the world. 




Besides the drought, and the obvious problems that come with having no water delivery infrastructure, including transportation, or means, the HOPI reservation is now struggling with the water sources that ARE available bearing radioactive contamination with Uranium and Arsenic. And no other immediate, close, accessible, constant, and/or dependable source of water is available!


Mmmmm... what would you choose? Why should these folks not have a choice that includes not dying at all, when thinking about drinking water. WATER IS LIFE... or so it should be. We are here in collaboration with many beautiful people we have met along the way that are willing to help in any way they can. Be it helping with the cause, funding, hands on digging the wells, or all of the above! We are thankful that everyone is willing to put their heart forward and aid in this very human cause. A cause that if brought to fruition may be copied and emulated in other communities around the globe suffering the same or worse.

Natwanhoyum Tunatya (The Divine Plan) is a project to maintain the Balance of Life. The Hopi Way of Life is extremely complex and often misunderstood. In today's society. The Hopi Elders struggle to maintain and uphold the sacred instructions of Maasu. It has become more apparent that redirecting the youth in the Sacred Balance of Life and the Hopi traditional values and culture is needed. In our Tunatya we must began bridging the world of modem technology and Hopi traditional farming to accommodate the changing world. The benefits of solar power energy/drip irrigation will support the need of eating healthy organic foods and in addition, expose the Hopi youth and people to a better quality life through alternative energy and resources.

It has become a practice of the Hopi to purchase produce such as sweet com and other products for Hopi ceremonies. The Natwanhoyum will continue the practice of dry farming Hopi seeds, such as com, Hopi Squash, melon, beans, etc. With drip irrigation, the project hopes to provide produce to the Hopi ceremonies by creating a garden of organic greens that would be distributed among them.

Namitnagwa- To teach and practice the principal of farming together.

Sumitnagwa- To teach and practice the principal of working and praying with one heart.

Sustainability- To expose new technologies to HOPI nation in hopes that the youth and
any interested parties would benefit and gain knowledge in this technology.

Begin planting in April, 2014. Remove and protect plants from pesticides, weeds and wind, Pray for rain to nurture life.Conduct talking circles on the Hopi values, culture and language. Harvest and roast sweet com in October 2014.

The Natwanhoyum participants are driven to the field site by volunteers to spent four hours planting, hoeing or irrigation field. Upon arrival, the children express their gratitude by yelling "QuaQuai" in Hopi (Thank You). They run through the fields spreading positive vibrations as they appreciate the growth of their plants on a daily basis. After completing their chores on field, the youth pray for all life. Singing Hopi songs is a part of the joy in the ride going home.

HOPI Water Project is an authorized program of Starlight Projects NFP, a 501(c)3 Charity which is a social service agency serving the community needs of youths, families, and individuals worldwide.

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