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LGBT-Foundation: Funding Needed 501c3 Recognition
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LGBT-Foundation: Funding Needed For Federal 501c3 Non- Profit Chartible Recognition !

THANKS TO ALL OUR WONDER CONTRIBUTORS! WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL. We will have a new CAMPAIGN shortly for the production of the all new video series: "the GAY spot".

The LGBT-Foundation a non-profit charitable organization: We are currently registered at the state level in California, and began our mission six months ago of helping LGBT seniors who need both financial and emotional support at this stage of their lives. With your contributions we can take the next step towards our goal of becoming a Federally recognized 501c3 organization making future donations tax-deductible. This, in turn, will help us have a greater impact in the lives of seniors affected by the issues surrounding aging in the LGBT community. Every dollar you donate will be well used and appreciated by those who need it most

"Where’s the money going to go?"

Initial donations will go directly towards getting our LGBT-Foundation off the ground. The fee to file for recognition as a 501c3 exempt organization at the Federal level is $850. Additionally, there is a $129 DBA (Doing Business As) nonprofit filing fee in Los Angeles County, $36 to publish it, and a $100 Deposit to open a bank account for LGBT-Foundation, plus $35 for printing checks in addition to the other various out of pocket startup costs and fees incurred in launching an online campaign. Also, a % of monies raised are to be paid to FundRazr for allowing us to use their fundraising platform.

How else can you help this cause after making your generous donation.

Tell your friends about us! Share our website on your facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest pages, and on your blogs. Email it your friends! Text! Make a phone call! Shout about it from rooftops, car windows, street corners, and soapboxes! Use any and all of our modern, and not so modern, means communicating with each other!

But that’s just the start. Do you like to watch TV?

"the GAY spot, Life Beyond the Ordinary"


In addition to the funds raised for the cost of designing and launching our LGBT-Foundation and website, we will also be raising pre-production funds for the first of our multi phased business strategy: developing a new LGBT hour long dramedy series, "the GAY spot: Life Beyond the Ordinary", set to be marketed on iTunes, Amazon VOD, Vimeo on Demand, and, eventually, on website.

Profits from the series will go towards sustaining the LGBT-Foundation so that we can offer long lasting programs and services to our "Gabyboomers". However, the vendors that we need to work with, vendors who will offer their services and goods at lower cost, must be able to receive statements from LGBT-Foundation confirming that their donations are tax deductible. Without the status of a Founding Member of the LGBT-Foundation.501c3, we would be limited in soliciting vendors willing to participate.

  • NOTE:
  • Any 'Shout Outs' or listing on closing credits of  "the GAY spot: Life Beyond the Ordinary" is optional should you choose to remain ANONYMOUSLY !
  • Donations at this time are not Tax deductible.
  • Donations beyond our initial financial goal of $1,000 will be used for pre-production funds for "the GAY spot: Life Beyond the Ordinary".

    Please visit us at:



"SILVER TSUNAMI" is a must see movie, especially for "BabyBoomers"

"We have a Silver Tsunami coming as the boomer generation enters their senior years. This past recession has destroyed the possibility of a comfortable retirement for many, and once seniors are no longer able to work or are employable, there is no safety net to keep the boomer generation out of homelessness. In the next 10 years, maybe sooner, the "Silver Tsunami" will tax our already hurting social services system to the point of collapse"

(Huffington Post).


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You will receive Level 1 and we will give you a big shout out THANK YOU on our LGBT-Foundation Website.
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