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Greetings, My name is RaShaunda Lugrand along with my husband Melvin Lugrand we are the proud parents of 3 awesome children, which all were home-births. We are on a mission to support women of color and their families in a more fulfilling dynamic by reconnecting the family unit through the power of healing justice in vulnerable communities.

Our goal is to open a childbirth education and wellness safe house that assists mothers and babies in that empowerment through strategic education and relationships. All families should have the opportunity to have a peaceful and satisfied childbirth experience that is not marked by the lack of informed decision making skills or financial setbacks. Sadly (women of color) are the highest rated among maternal and infant mortality due to the lack of access to these things. As you can see we held a whopping 12.40 percent in the national average per 1,000 live births in infant mortality. The rate for maternal mortality had since risen to 18 percent per 100,000.

So by funding this project, you will be assisting the community of Oklahoma City, Midwest City, and Del City in Oklahoma counties and surrounding areas in the state of Oklahoma. By helping us, you are creating an awarness for a project that is FOCUSED on solutions to lowering these rates by creating an environment where women of color can reclaim their power of a fearless, empowering, healthy, and traditional, childbirthing experience. 

Our hybrid business model is one that couples this empowerment with a social and ecomonic develpment platform. We strive to reduce the stress created around the childbirth event by also addressing positive mental, emotional, and financial health.

CDC Infant Mortality Statewide

Here women and their families will create plans on how to incorporate healthy eating habits, breastfeeding, and channeling the power of the father, and his role to assist. For where the family unit is distressed, the mother and baby are at a higher risk. That is where our services plan to creatively help to eliminate these outcomes.

Without the presence of an educated support system, that speaks to the needs of the women of these communities, the health for the mother, baby, and father connection, will continue to see these numbers at these porportions.

Why The InTune Mother needs your help...

It is our goal at "The TIM Center Salon & Community Wellness Spa", to salute whole-family concepts as a tool to rebuild, restore, and reconnect the empowerment of an intact community, from a easy grassroots perspective, the way mother nature intended.

Thank you for your contributions to The InTune Mother Project. Your generous support is humbly appreciated and 100% tax-deductable.

Be Empowered!

Here Is How Can You Support Our GrassRoots Project.

FundRazr Gifting Campaign

***The chart above is a calculated scope show the gifts that are required to make our project a success. In order to provide mothers and families, with this much needed service, we must be able to facilitate our operational cost through the first year. Any additional funds accumulated will enable us launch other social missions that are within the concept of the TIM Projects such as the COLORS Foundation.***

This is our Annual Budget

Our goal is to raise $168,520 via corporate sponsorship, grant funding, crowd funding, private investor, or angel investment, in order to facilitate all start-up and operational cost. We would like to have at least $20,000 in savings for emergency funds, i.e., (equipment replacement, regular maintenance, and minor repairs) and an additional $15,000 to start our community benevolence fund. This will assist with, low-income families with expenses such as diapers, clothing, car seats, childbirth education, and the like as a part of our

***C.O.L.O.R.S Foundation (Community OLow-Income Families  Overcoming  Resource Scarcity).

Use Of Funds

Start-up Expenses to Fund =  $20,500 (License, permits, lawyer fees, insurance, down payment for property, and utilities)

Operational Expenses to Fund = $111,630 (Birthing equipment, lease, office supplies, marketing, salary, education, company vehicle)

Within the projections of the fiscal plan there is enough to operate the project successfully through the first year. In addition, the newly registered clients, will begin being served early spring 2015, on a 5 families per week rotation, per 3 service providers, on average per childbirth. After this time, the client base will have increased to a group of 15 per week and be self sustaining. 

If you would like to provide gifts in kind to fullfill the success of this project feel free to review our "Supply Wish List" at:

Share! Share! Share! Stay tuned in to The InTune Mother Project (TIM). Exodus 1:15 - 22


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