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Truman the Corgi needs help!
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July 8, 2013

Truman is a handsome, fun-loving rescue boy that very recently had surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back. He was in bad shape when his new family adopted him, but they have done everything they can to get him feeling better... so let's help them out! Here is Truman's story in the words of Corgi Parents Jess and Matt:

"He was rescued by Forpaws Corgi Rescue from a shelter in Martinez, CA. When they rescued him he was quite ill having multiple issues one of which was discoid lupus. Not too long after Forpaws brought Truman in we rescued a small, sick Beagle from the same shelter in Martinez the day before he was about to be put down and because he was so sick they would only allow a rescue group to adopt him. and the ladies of Forpaws stepped up and helped us adopt our Beagle Barkley. While nursing Barkley back to health he started to show his true colors and one of the downsides to this is that he had terrible separation anxiety. We wanted to get to the bottom of his anxiety to see whether it was separation from us or if he just needed a pack leader. One of our dear friends at Forpaws offered her help to do a little experiment to get to the bottom of it all by letting him come to her house during the day to be with her dogs and the foster dogs that she had at the time. Well, our sweet Truman was one of those dogs that she was fostering and he and Barkley became fast friends. Each day during our experiment we would come to pick Barkley up Truman would come running to us and seemed to love as well. It did turn out that Barkley just needed a companion by his side and because he and Truman developed this relationship right off the bat we decided to Foster Truman and continue to nurse him back to health as well. It took no time at all for all of us to fall completely in love with Truman and we adopted him soon after. From that moment Truman and Barkley have been just like brothers and there is just something about Truman that gives you this feeling that he is incredibly special. When Truman came into rescue he had lost almost all of the pigmentation in his nose from the discoid lupus and several months later with lots of care and love his nose was black as could be again.

Truman is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He’s gentle, loving, funny and protective of his little brother Barkley. The only time he becomes a little diva is if he is enjoying being pet and you stop, then he will proceed to nudge your hand with his nose until you are scratching his ears, chest or tummy again. He always shows us his love and affection with kisses and these little grumbling noises he makes which are just the best! Not only is he a good and protective big brother but he loves people especially kids. We do not have children yet but as soon as he sees a child he has to go over and say hello to them. He is also a natural herder and it is amazing to watch him although sometimes he tries to herd Barkley when he is trying to play at the dog park. We really could go on and on about Truman as he is the best dog anyone could hope for and that we could have ever asked for and our lives have not been the same since. We could not imagine our lives without him especially because he is still young and has at least half of his life to live. We knew we had to give him that chance and act quickly with his sudden condition.

After we came home on Monday 7-1-2013 (our 7th wedding anniversary) he was not able to use his back legs and we rushed to the emergency vet and were sent to the VCA clinic in Rhonert Park, CA that has several highly trained specialists on staff. His MRI indicated that he had a severe herniated disc and severe compression on his spine at L1&L2 and an infection at L3&L4. We were lucky that he still had feeling in his feet but we had to act quickly due to the severity of his prognosis. He could have been paralyzed by the evening so we moved forward with surgery on 7-2-13 and it went very well. The disc was taken care of and he no longer has any compression. They were also able to get a good biopsy of the infection and we should know the more about his infection soon too which he will need to be treated with antibiotics. The day after surgery he is doing well, still has feeling in his feet, is resting well and has his normal appetite in which one of the techs said “he was so happy she had to watch her fingers”! We cannot wait to bring him home so that we can see him and he can be reunited with his brother that has been very depressed with him being away. We are also looking forward to helping him through his recovery and getting him back to his happy, healthy self once again. While there are so many positive to our story the heart wrenching thing now is the financial burden of us saving our sweet boy which is over $9,000 and of course post treatment visits and medication. We would normally never ask for help but it is just one of those difficult times in our lives. Truman’s daddy went back to school to pursue a career in Viticulture and to accommodate a school schedule he is working a job that isn’t up to his full earning potential and Truman’s mommy also took a pay cut from working in biotech to take a job in the wine industry which is why they moved all the way from the East coast leaving behind friends and family to move to Northern California. Not too long ago we also put all of our efforts into buying a house for our little family and it is no easy feat to buy a home in Northern California’s wine country. With all of this on top of other bills and with numerous trips back to the East coast lately to be with sick relatives or to be with family to pay our respects to close loved ones that have passed away this is a tough spot for us. We are determined, loving and grateful people who would help anyone that needed it and even though it is difficult for us to ask for help we really need it and appreciate it more than words can say."

Truman's fundraising goal has been set to $5,250 (our $5,000 cap, plus PayPal/Fundrazr fees). Please spread the word for this sweet boy so we can get his surgery paid for!
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