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Jack’s Journey started when he was an infant and his mom noticed something was off. After visiting the GP 4 times and being told that she was simply an over obsessed first time mother, she decided to stick to her intuition and take Jack to Sick Kids in Toronto; there Jack and his mother sat for hours before being assessed by one of their top neurologists.

After MRIs, EKGs, and many other tests, it was found Jack had suffered a stroke. He was diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. The stroke has damaged the part of the brain that controls his muscles on his left side and mildly affects his right leg. His brain is constantly sending spasm signals to his muscles; much like experiencing a constant Charlie horse.

As you can imagine, it’s very painful. His bones grow much faster than his muscles and he is growing like a weed. The stress this has on the other parts of Jack's body is very debilitating over time. Simple actions like walking, climbing stairs, running will become excruciating, if not impossible, for him.

The last 5 out of 6 years of Jack’s life has been saturated with physio and occupational therapy both professionally, as often as financially possible, and twice a day at home. Regular trips to McMaster hospital for constraint induced therapy, serial casting and a now very common yet questionable treatment, botox (the long term effects actually weaken and damage the muscles).

Jack’s Mom, Caroyln, started to question the Canadian medical system and the pharmaceutical companies that hugely influence it, and quickly started to look for long-term treatments elsewhere. Soon, she discovered a surgery performed by a world renowned surgeon, Dr Park. Since 1987 he has performed over 3500 Selective Dorsal Rhiztomy (SDR).

This surgery will change Jack’s quality of life. He will no longer experience that pain and will be able to move with much more ease. Orthopedic surgeries will be far less, if any. The uncomfortable brace he wears now will no longer be needed. Jack will experience as Dr. Park speaks to something called "the aging phenomenon"; but with the surgery, at the time ofmaturity, he will be independent and free of physical pain and mobility issues.

Unfortunately, this exact operation is not performed in Canada, and having the surgery performed in the United States comes with a steep price tag. The total costs of procedure, with 2 month stay in St Louis and 6 month post surgery physiotherapy will cost $80,000 USD.

With additional fund raising and diligent saving, Carolyn has managed to collect $25,000. But, time is ticking and Jack and Carolyn would appreciate any help to raise the final amount, and relieve Jack’s relentless pain.

Your contributions and support are greatly appreciated. 100 percent of donations will be directed to Jack’s Journey.

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