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World's largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of the Human Gut. Learn which microbes live in your gut, skin & mouth. Join over 9,000 people, get a home sampling kit and support the research. See the whole story


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The Human Microbiome Project and other microbiome projects worldwide have laid an important foundation for understanding the trillions of microbes that inhabits each of our bodies. However, opportunities for the public to get involved in such research has been limited. Now, American Gut gives you an opportunity to participate and to compare the microbes in your gut to those in the guts of thousands of other people in the US and around the world. American Gut is a project built on open-source, open-access principles. Our data are for the good of understanding and will be shared both with participants and with other scientists. Our experience has been that our best ideas and work come when we involve people in as many steps of our work as possible, be they scientists, educators, roofers, ultra-marathon runners or corporate leaders. Everyone has something to offer, whether their sample, their hypotheses, their analyses or their dog (yes, their dog, we will get back to that). The more we can understand the complex microbial ecosystems on which we depend, the more everyone will benefit.

If you live in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, visit our sister site British Gut to sign up.

1. See how your microbiome compares to others and learn how your diet & lifestyle may shape your gut microbiome. Thousands have enrolled already.
2. International participants welcome. However, please add $25 to your donation for shipping kits. Also be aware that you will need to FEDX your sample back to University of Colorado-Boulder. This could get pricey. So please make note of this before joining the study. (Folks in the UK click here)
3. Our team has sequenced thousands of samples from all over the world
4. Once you sign up, you will receive a swab kit in the mail within 3-4 weeks.
5. Visit us to get more details and learn how you can join this important study.

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$75 - ASD-Cohort Parent
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$99 - Find Out Who’s In Your Gut
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$129 - You Plus The World
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$180 - Microbes For Two: See What You’re Sharing
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$260 - Microbes For Three
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$320 - Microbes For Four
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$500 - A Week Of Feces
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$1,500 - All In The Family
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$2,500 - Beyond Bacteria
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$3,750 - Functional Feces
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$5,000 - A Genome From Your Gut
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$15,000 - What Are They Actually Doing
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$25,000 - Hundreds Of Genomes From Your Gut
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