ASD-Cohort Parent

A Perk for contributing $75 or more
to American Gut
by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego)

This item has been discontinued by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego).

Kits currently not being distributed due to American Gut shifting its efforts to COVID-19 research.

This Perk is only available for the parent of a child who has been enrolled in American Gut's "ASD-Cohort" study. Note the Perk is for ONE swab/kit. If both parents want to enroll, multiply by 2. The reduced Perk rate is made possible by a generous grant. Please email if you have a child with ASD and want to have them considered for a FREE gut microbiota analysis (this must be done before claiming this Perk).

This offer is only available for participants in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada (international shipping fee still applies).

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American Gut
by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego)
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World's largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of the Human Gut. Learn which microbes live in your gut, skin & mouth. Join over 10,000 people, get a home sampling kit and support the research.