A Genome From Your Gut

A Perk for contributing $5,000 or more
to American Gut
by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego)

This item has been discontinued by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego).

Deep characterization of a single stool sample by shotgun metagenomics, includes best-effort attempt to assemble one or more bacterial genomes out of your gut. You will get a framed poster of the assembled genome showing differences to its close relatives. Only serious need inquire – please email info@amergicangut.org to express your interest before signing up for this one.

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American Gut
by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego)
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World's largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of the Human Gut. Learn which microbes live in your gut, skin & mouth. Join over 10,000 people, get a home sampling kit and support the research.