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This item has been discontinued by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego).

Funds for this perk go toward supporting a microbiome investigation into Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is the most common human chromosomal condition, yet is one of the least studied in the microbiome world. Down Syndrome is associated with many comorbidities, including Celiac Disease, chronic constipation, congenital heart disease, hypotonia, hyperthyroidism, and many others. The microbiome of individuals affected by Down Syndrome is not well understood. Many of these comorbidities can be treated, and alleviate some of the symptoms that individuals who have Down Syndrome may experience. This would help fund an incredible opportunity of diving deeper into Down Syndrome scientific research, especially to find improved public health recommendations for this population.

If you know an individual who has Down Syndrome and want to have them considered for a FREE gut microbiota analysis, please contact our help account at

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